The CAQ will not make a gift to its opponents

It was written in the sky that the former mayor of Longueuil, Caroline St-Hilaire, was going to run for the Coalition Avenir Québec.

When she announced her departure from the show The Jousting at LCN, last December, several people thought that she was going to Marie-Victorin for the partial, but ultimately, it will be Sherbrooke.

It is quite logical that St-Hilaire presents itself in its corner of the country in Estrie. By choosing Sherbrooke (a county of Québec solidaire), no one will be able to say that the former political analyst is an opportunist.


Caroline St-Hilaire fits perfectly into the nationalist current of François Legault. When it is said that the CAQ ate the nationalist “lunch” of the Parti Québécois, the arrival of Mme St-Hilaire is a fine demonstration of this reality.

In the past, a candidacy like this would have gone to the Parti Québécois. In the case of St-Hilaire, one might think that the Parti Québécois has become too dogmatic for her.

We can also see the challenge for Paul St-Pierre-Plamondon. How can his party survive when candidates like Caroline St-Hilaire are running for the CAQ and not for him?

On the other hand, the PQ must be delighted to see Mme St-Hilaire tackle a solidarity riding.

Municipal world

With Caroline St-Hilaire and Suzanne Roy, former president of the Union des municipalités du Québec, in Verchères, the ranks of the CAQ will be well stocked with former outstanding figures from the municipal world.

In addition, rumors say that the mayor of Baie-Comeau, Yves Montigny, could also launch for the CAQ in René-Lévesque against the PQ Martin Ouellet. That would be another good shot!

Clearly, the CAQ is focused on the campaign and it will not give gifts to its opponents.

If all these people are elected on October 3, François Legault’s number one challenge will be to keep everyone in a good mood.

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