The CAQ delights Marie-Victorin at the PQ: an “excellent result”, judge Paul St-Pierre Plamondon

Finishing second in a PQ castle like Marie-Victorin as part of a partial is an “excellent result”, judges the leader of the Parti Québécois, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, who denies being in denial.

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As part of a by-election held Monday evening, the CAQ won this riding of Longueuil to the PQ.

“We conducted an excellent campaign and it gives us an excellent result, reacted Tuesday PSPP, in a press briefing at the National Assembly. We have a result that is very positive.

According to the leader of the sovereignist party, the result of the partial shows that the PQ is in a “very good position” in Marie-Victorin for the general election. Especially since candidate Pierre Nantel will once again be in the running for the general election next October.

PSPP ensures that it is absolutely not in denial. “We have shown that we are the only party that can stand up to the CAQ,” he insisted, pressed with questions by journalists. He points out that he did not have, unlike François Legault, twenty ministers to send to lend a hand to his candidate on the ground.

“Disappointing” result for the PLQ

The PLQ had to settle for fifth place in this by-election. The leader Dominique Anglade admitted on Tuesday that the result of her political training is “disappointing”.

She also admitted that some Liberal supporters are “angry” not to hear more about the economy. Its greener and more progressive turn has not yet reached all voters, insists Dominique Anglade.

“When you take a certain turn like this, it takes a while. It’s not easy and I never said it would be easy to make such a shift,” she added.

The youth vote failed

According to Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, which hurt the solidarity candidate, who finished at 3and with 14.5% of the votes, it was the young people’s vote that was not there. Unlike general elections, in a partial, there are no polling stations on university campuses, argues the parliamentary leader of Quebec solidaire.

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