The Canadian wellness brand wants you to “get ready”

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Could a card change your daily perspective? Canadian businesswomen Daniela Angelucci Rizzi and Michelle Osei-Bonsu think so.

The duo behind the wellness brand listen bitch Offer heartfelt words of support and inspiration to fight “negative self-talk” through your affirmation cards and other assorted products. We caught up with the duo to learn more.

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Q: For those unfamiliar, what is Listen B*itch?

Michelle Osei-Bonsu: Listen B*tch is a Canadian woman-owned wellness brand on a mission to help people rewire their brains to think more positively and be more resilient against negative self-talk. Our favorite tool? Affirmations.

Q: What makes it unique?

Daniela Angelucci Rizzi: If you’ve already picked up a standard deck of affirmation cards, you’ve probably encountered soothing words of encouragement bathed in loving language. But if you’re like us, sometimes it takes a little tough love to get the words through and take root. Listen, B*tch Affirmation Cards are designed to give you the extra push you may need to rebuild your confidence or bounce back.

Michelle Osei-Bonsu: The words on these cards may sound familiar because they are the kind of words we actually say to those we love when we encourage them. They are honest and unfiltered, but they work. Listen to B*tch affirmation cards, take those uplifting words of love and encouragement and turn them inward. And let’s not forget the elevated designs. Our affirmation cards come with unique custom illustrations. The beautiful images make them perfect for gifting.

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Q: Who is the target customer?

Angelucci Rizzi: Our target is not necessarily an age group but rather a mindset. Those who enjoy wellness, self-care and seek to help themselves or others. Listen B*tch also makes a great gift, which is why we often see customers purchasing our products for their sister, coworkers, friends, or daughters.

Listen to B*tch Affirmation Cards.
Listen to B*tch Affirmation Cards. Michelle Osei Bonsu

Q: What has been the response to your brand and products so far?

Osei Bonsu: We are blown away by the response to the cards. We have sold out countless times over the past few years and each time it has been a pleasant surprise. We receive countless messages from people who have used these cards to start and end their days with a jolt of self-love. Nothing makes us prouder than knowing that these affirmation cards exist and do real work. For us, that’s the ultimate measure of success: knowing that these cards really help people dust themselves off and remember who they are.

Q: What is the price range of your products?

Osei Bonsu: Our affirmation cards sell for $24.99 and our journal sells for $34.99.

Q: And where can people see them?

Angelucci Rizzi: Are available through Amazonas well as Etsy and You can also buy from us in person through retailers across Canada which you can locate through our map on our website.

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