The campaign of the others, by Javier Aroca

And why will it be one has the feeling that there has been no campaign in Andalusia. The weeks have passed and the PP government, its candidate, president, now known as Juanma, He has not given the slightest account of his almost four years of government. Juan Marin, its vice president, It appears as if it were not the one that guaranteed, together with the extreme right, that the PP would govern, after its worst electoral results and the victory of the PSOE.

the extreme right, vox, whose cunera or patera candidate, if you like, has flown to Andalusia, without losing her seat in Madrid, because its Andalusian leader, the alleged Serrano, has not been able to appear harassed by judicial demands for corruption, Nor does he recognize that they are the ones who have made the PP government possible, although now they pretend to appear to be from a better family.

The three of them a practical reproduction in Andalusia of the Trío de Colón, they behave as if they had not governed, as if they were nothing more than ideological first cousins. Now the junk is thrown.

What can happen has been commissioned by the published demoscopy to advance it, in a fatal way. There is always a margin for surprise, but in any case, from the Court, with the exotic gaze that Andalusians always deserve, Two things are worrying: one, if the PP will take off its mask and recognize, as has already happened in Castilla y León, that they cannot govern without the extreme right; another, if what happens in Andalusia, whatever it is, will mean a change of cycle. In other words, the problems of Andalusia, which are many, take a backseat to the benefit of what is expected of Andalusia from Spain.

The campaign has been but the framework of what has been said. A ceremony to hide the intentions of the PP, by Moreno Bonilla. A continuous attempt to hide that if the circumstances arise, the PP will have to govern with the extreme right. There is no other alternative, either the PP governs with Vox or there will be an alternative from the left. The second is unlikely, but according to the polls, the first, if anything, will be the sure thing. The campaign has only been the prolongation of almost four years of government of the PP with the support of Vox, a bland if not non-existent opposition from the PSOE, and an experimental attempt by the PSOE’s left to rehearse a first assault for its subsequent political project for Spain.

Despite the polls the walk of the PP has not been of roses. In recent days they ask the referee for the time, between the doubts, the demands for responsibilities or the obvious blunders of Alberto Núñez Feijóo with his plateau view of Andalusia.

The extreme right has not been far behind. They have even decided that with the excessive coverage of the media they would have enough and they did not need to continue exposing a candidate, Macarena Olona, who pretend better to keep it quiet and even hidden. Her appearances in debates or interviews, according to her own supporters, are a vote-losing machine.

The escapism of Moreno Bonilla; the folkloric and humorous tone of the still vice president, Juan Marín, leader of a dying Citizens; vox’s mistakes, At the last minute they have awakened the illusion of the left that something can change.

Yolanda Diaz, initially elusive, in the end, it has been linked to the result of his first electoral experience. The result, whatever it may be, will be imputed to her and her project. as much as that Can who, due to clumsiness or strategy, stayed outside the coalition for Andalusia, Although not on the lists, he has been making an effort in recent days to link his voters and their acronyms to the project.

The federal artillery, headed by the president himself Pedro Sanchez, It has been deployed in Andalusia, with its ministers, generals and officials from all the territories of the State. In the end, The central government and the PSOE have become aware of their own neglect of Andalusia, of their apathy and parsimony, and they desperately try to improve their predictions. They know that Andalusia has to be part of their objectives for their continuity in the State Government.

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And the uncertain remains, one and the other will have mobilized, yes or no, their own, the faithful and the swingers but what about the abstention or the undecided? The numbers are important and can change the forecast of the polls. So far no one has wanted to take responsibility for this democratic pathology. Will they vote or not?

Moreno Bonilla worries because he decided the date and nobody sets it without calculating its advantages. It is not that the abstention is of theirs. Will he be wrong? The left is concerned that the abstention, now, is the result of its own estrangement from its voters. The left is more concerned. They go further, there may be a change of cycle, a project exhausted in the case of the PSOE. The air outside is not good and everything is ahead a river overflowing with new electoral contests.

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