The brutal assault on a nurse for vacating a room with 20 people: “We killed you”

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Room 224 of a private hospital in Murcia left ‘El Camarote de los Hermanos Marx’ in blankets this Saturday. The coronavirus protocol establishes that in each room There can only be one companion or one visitor per patient, however, in 224 there were about twenty people. The patient who was the object of the visit who was in a bloody breach of the protocol was a relative of the ‘clan of La Loles’, known in the capital of Segura for drug trafficking, and when the nursing coordinator came to ask – kindly – that they respect the regulations ended up attacked.

The National Police has opened an investigation after the utility went to file a complaint to which EL ESPAÑOL has acceded. It all happened at half past six on Saturday afternoon, when the nurses received complaints about the commotion and crowds in room 224 on the second floor of the private hospital, which is intended for patients who have undergone some surgery. “Screams were heard and there were people even in the corridor, even children running,” according to a witness.

“They disturbed the rest of other patients.” So a nurse went to 224 to ask them to leave the room to comply with the Covid measures established to avoid infections in the hospital. The answer to the polite request of the sanitary was this: “Who are you? We have paid and we do what we want”.

So bad was the mood of the relatives of the ‘clan of La Loles’, that this professional chose to inform the coordinating nurse who came to the room – ‘escorted’ by two companions-. The coordinator, first, introduced herself to the patient and his relatives; and then reported that the coronavirus protocol limits the company to one visitor there may be per room and patient throughout the hospital. He then asked them to please vacate the room.

The response to the request could not have been more violent on the part of the patient. This is how the complaint filed at the Carmen Police Station, the heading of which records “the refusal” shown twice by the relatives of the patient to leave the room where there were “about twenty people.” In the middle of the pandemic, this was the tone they used with the coordinating nurse of the private hospital:

The admitted patient feels upset and quite aggressively tells the nurse that he is going to punch him, making the gesture with his hand, and pushing her against the wall. At that moment, the patient’s wife hits the nurse in the face, repeatedly, knocking her glasses to the ground. After the events that occurred, those present left the room, threatening the patient’s wife to the nurse: ‘Prepare for when you leave because I’m going to wait for you and I’m going to kill you‘”.

The nurse's broken glasses after the attack in the private hospital in Murcia.

The nurse’s broken glasses after the attack in the private hospital in Murcia.

The utility received four slaps, suffered scratches and became the target of alleged death threats from members of the clan, as they briskly left the hospital after being requested by the police. “The nurse’s glasses flew off with the first blow and broke, if she moves a hair, they kill her because all the people in the room were rushing for her until some relatives of the patient held the wife “, says a witness of some events that have outraged the union of nurses in the Region of Murcia .

The victim: terrified

This newspaper has learned that the victim is on sick leave due to anxiety and is afraid of returning to the hospital because the patient still has to go for tests. In fact, more than one member of the center’s staff is scared because there is no private security in the facilities and the ‘clan of La Loles’ is one of the historical ones in the drug dealing in Murcia.

The National Police have already identified the two suspects: the patient, who has a criminal record, and his wife. The investigation will not instruct a crime of assault on a public official because the nurse works for a private hospital and attacks on health workers are only classified as an attack, when they occur in hospitals and public primary care centers.

The expectation is that, once the investigation is concluded, the facts will be considered as a misdemeanor injury and threats they will be subject to a speedy trial.

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