This Tuesday, two days after the conquest of the city of Kabul by the Taliban, an unusual event occurred in the Afghan capital: a group of four women took to the streets to protest against the Taliban.

The images have been disseminated by the Afghan news agency through various platforms, including Twitter. And they have been recorded by the Al Jazeera correspondent in Afghanistan.

According to international media, it is an absolutely unusual image and women have come out to protest to demand government representation and equal rights in all areas: at the political level and in private life.

In the images it is striking that the Taliban do not interfere in the protest or cut it off at any time.

Earlier, Enamullah Samangani, a member of the Taliban’s Cultural Commission, pointed out that they do not want women to be “victims” and that “they should be in the government structure, as dictated by Sharia.”

“The structure of the government has not yet been defined, but in my experience, there should be an Islamic leader and both sides should unite,” he concluded.

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