The books are being made, by Isabel Sucunza

¿Ya se ha dicho “andas más que un escritor con novedad en Sant Jordi & rdquor ;? Anda the commercial of the distributor, the transporter loaded with bookshelves, anda the bookshop, of the yards of the yards and yards of the yards, and there, anda the writerkilometers and kilometers, during the Diada, and more kilometers during the route of presentations that the editorial mounts in the previous weeks to the final page of his latest book. In the world of the book, it is said that it is not written. What it’s all about: there are no more stories to be told, many times, the characters of the short stories: this is a theme that will be for three or more short stories.

Ayer mismo acabé de leer ‘Guilleries’, by Ferran Garcia, y mientras lo leía, no paraba de aparecéreseme la imagen de la Junil de ‘Junil a les terres dels bàrbars’, de Joan-Lluís Lluís; and in the middle of the two, also to Adrià Guinart, of ‘Quanta, quanta guerra’, by Mercè Rodoreda. His three novels are based on spirit. Las tres sirven para explain the history la hace la sum of human relations, as well as many antiquities and including those projected in the future, which are always burning the characters. Ferran Garcia, in addition, in a moment of ‘Guilleries’ that now quotes from memory, would like to share the distance between people, so to speak, his possible relationship or not and less than once exceeded, following the distance in steps that separate : “Vivía demasiado lejos para que lo conocieran, pero lo suficientemente cerca para llegar andando & rdquor ;: que no lo conocían, vaya, pero era era muy probabil que lo acabaran haciendo y que de eso también acabaría saliendo una historia, otra más.

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The three books, in addition, have a conversation, from accounts that the characters explain themselves between them. He explained one account alguna vez? It’s another way to go about what you can do for a living y te hace acompañarle en una historia que puede que ni siquiera él sepa hacia dónde va.

Find out what happens to an activity, learn that we all learn.

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