The body of Christ? No, ours!

Our time is that of the resurrection of the body. Not as Christians would primarily like that of Christ, but rather that of our own body, a body that we have found in recent years following… the abandonment of our religious practices!

Yet, quite paradoxically, it is precisely because of this primacy that we now grant to the body that more often than not, we are disappointed with it. It must be admitted that behind this cult that we currently devote to the body lies a disturbing reality. While in the XXe century, humans took pride in their scientific knowledge and minimized their bodily aspect, now they take refuge in it as if the technology which surpasses and dominates them forces them to seek personal valuation elsewhere.

In any case, many will say, with all the computers and other intelligent devices, what do we have to do with a mind that is lagging behind everything most of the time! You might as well devote yourself to the well-being of the body and let the machines do the work.

Rather than imagining ourselves as being pure spirits, something which we are not, is not our true place in fact closer to nature thanks to our body and its senses?

Also, for some time now our creativity has been focused around how to eat well and exercise in order to keep our body healthy. Bookstores are overflowing with cookbooks and television shows about food are multiplying exponentially. Drinking well, eating well and exercising have become a real obsession for many. Out of extreme concern, some city dwellers even grow their fruits and vegetables on their roofs.

However, this living matter with which we now prefer to identify is extremely fragile. Because this body is attacked by a multitude of new viruses and bacteria, not to mention new forms of cancer.

Furthermore, despite all the concern we have about diet, obesity is gaining ground every day. It must be said that in this food frenzy, junk food, everywhere in advertising, has skillfully found its way onto our plate. In such a tight survival context, our participation in this new organic world becomes a perilous exercise, especially for the least well off on the planet who have difficulty keeping up.

Let’s say it: at mens sana in corpore sano (a healthy mind in a healthy body) we have substituted an exclusive body ideal so high that it can sometimes lead to depression in some people. Because between bulimia and anorexia, the living space for many becomes increasingly narrow. Would we then have already reached the era of the lost soul and the drifting body? Because we would look in vain for any soul in this extreme concern for the body… There is none left! And as for the body… it too, like that of Christ, is sacrificed on the altar of performance!

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