Monterey, NL. The Prosecutor’s Office Specialized in Femicides reported that the body found in the Los Huertos neighborhood, in the municipality of Juárez, could belong to Yolanda Martinez Cadena26, who disappeared on March 31, because her clothing and belongings match those the young woman was wearing when she disappeared.

The Specialized Prosecutor for Femicides, Griselda Nunezcommented that the interdisciplinary group that makes up the state commission for victim assistance, the state search commission and the deputy prosecutor’s office of the Public Ministry of Nuevo Leon “They were informed during the development of the investigations that the clothing and belongings coincided with the (search) report of Yolanda Martínez Cadena.”

The body of the young woman, whom her father desperately searched for, was found on a mountain, in the municipality of Juárez, Nuevo León; She was wearing a black striped blouse, blue jeans, tennis shoes and a black bag, the contents of which are awaiting expert opinions to find out if she has any identification.

Yolanda’s remains were transferred to Semefo to carry out the necropsy of Ley, as soon as the results of the forensic genetic tests are available, they will be informed, said Griselda Núñez.


Regarding the progress of the investigation into the death of Debanhi Escobar Bazalduawho disappeared on April 9, the prosecutor recalled that last Wednesday, May 4, they attended federal government personnel to give them information about this case.

He recalled that in the section “Zero Impunity”, in the morning of AMLO, the Undersecretary of Public Security of the Ministry of Security and Citizen Protection, Ricardo Mejia reported that they are working with the state government, the state Attorney General’s Office, as part of the interdisciplinary group.

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“There is a permanent link (from the federal government) with the prosecution, in the areas of prosecution, and technical analysis and forensic matters. It was agreed to share audio and video analysis information.

“The federation has insisted on exhausting all lines of investigation and ruling out the possibility of femicide,” the official said.

Regarding the comparison between the autopsy that Debanhi performed at Semefo and the one performed by a specialized expert at the request of his father, it was explained that the autopsy was performed on April 22, where the coordinator of the Search Commission was present. and an anthropologist, and later another doctor (who hired mario escobar) analyzed the information from the autopsy report.

“We are here in Alcosa, where several minutes that are important and key to unraveling this puzzle do not justify me, we have spent many days asking them to justify the videos, the missing minutes, for me it is very important that they justify those minutes to me.”

It is worth mentioning that in the videos that have been shown, the 18-year-old girl is seen crossing the road to Nuevo Laredoand went to the transport company Alcosa, his father affirms that there are eight minutes that do not appear on the disk where the recording of last April 9 was saved.

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