“The man left the shelter of a leaky roof to sit in the rain” says an old Afghan proverb that, today more than ever, hits the mark on the human and social disaster that looms in Afghanistan, where the emirate of the The world’s worst and wildest theocracy has returned stronger than ever.

How did you get to this point? The Afghan people have been sold by their leaders, both in Kabul and in the provinces. They have fled with suitcases full of money and will never be tried for destroying the dream of democracy. The Taliban have known how to wait until, once foreign troops left the country, corruption, incompetence, nepotism, ethnic and tribal divisions (the list is as long as it will be that of those executed and disappeared at the hands of the jihadists) did the work for them. This is how, in two weeks, they have managed to take Afghanistan with a pact and without almost shooting a shot.

In other words, the victory of the Taliban has not been produced because of their reputation as invincible guerrillas, but because a large part of the Afghan people, after verifying that all elections, from local to presidential, ended in electoral fraud to impose the will of Kabul and the United States, they stopped believing in a system and a Constitution that, in reality, was dead paper. That part of the blame also falls on the lousy role of the international community.

The jihadist group has promised that there will be no revenge, but their word is worth as much as the interest they have at the time

Because this disaster, this historical infamy, is not only the result of a cowardly and unscrupulous Afghan elite, but of the twenty years in which the international community has been unable to bet on good men and women who aspired to create a better and fairer country. The United States, the European Union and other allies, as well as organizations as obsolete as the United Nations, sowed the seeds that have led the devil to sit on his throne.

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A throne that will be built on the mountain of bones and skulls in which the dreams of millions of Afghan women have become, the great ones forgotten during these two decades of war, but who, nevertheless, began to stick their heads positioning themselves in the world of politics, business, military and police.

Their hopes have died with our forgetfulness, carelessness and cowardice. Now more than ever, if you step outside the confines of strict Islamic law (the sharia) Taliban, these will cut off their ears or nose. They will be flogged and executed in public. They will deprive them of all fundamental rights to become baby cleaners and receptacles. Hell in life and suffering that can only be measured in infinity.

The group jihadist, so far based in neighboring Pakistan, has promised that there will be no revenge. That women will be respected. But everyone knows that their word is worth as much as the interest they have at that moment. And his, now, is to seek international legitimacy. For this reason, and for the future news blackout, we will hardly hear anything about their crimes. But these will continue, as has already been proven recently in Faryab or Kandahar provinces during their advance towards Kabul.

The West will only wake up when the consequences of the disaster reach our home in the form of a bomb

The Taliban’s victory may not last forever. It should not be ruled out that their absolutist theocracy and their corruption, from which they do not escape either and which has a lot to do with the heroin trade (Afghanistan is the world’s leading producer of this drug), may end up undermining the agreements made, sometimes very fragile as in the case of the Panjshir, and to end the regime in the same way that the defunct Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has fallen: from within.

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At this time, the concern of Western democracies should be the horrible human drama that is going to unfold there and that will provoke a new wave of migration. What’s more, a massive return of Al Qaeda to Afghan lands is more than possible, where the victory of the emirate will embolden, and much, the movements jihadists from all over the world, paying special attention to those located in Africa and that, little by little, are approaching our peninsula.

However, following the historic Western tradition of doing nothing until Hannibal is at the gates, we will only wake up when the consequences of the disaster in Afghanistan reach our home in the form of a bomb and a massacre, and then we will remember again (with a view to forgetting) that freedom must be fought everywhere, without making concessions and , sometimes, with the coldness of the guillotine.

*** Amador Guallar is a photographer, journalist and author of In the land of Cain Y Everything floats.


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