Starting this week, the first 25 people who have an appointment before a court will enter the country

IMMIGRATION | Hundreds of migrants remained in deplorable conditions in the Matamoros municipality | PHOTO EFE

The immigrants stranded in the camp in Matamoros, a very dangerous municipality on the border of Mexico with the United States, regained their hopes of entering the country on Wednesday after the authorities began a face-to-face registration of asylum candidates.

The Biden administration also indicated that the first 25 people who have an appointment before a US court will cross the border this week.

The hundreds of migrants remained in deplorable conditions in the border area due to a Trump-era policy that required them to remain in Mexico until the date of each citizen’s appointment in immigration court in the United States was clarified, he reported. CNN

As a result, the migrants set up a camp in Matamoros waiting to enter the United States. Immigrant advocates, for their part, described the circumstances of these people as a humanitarian crisis.

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“The migrant camp in Matamoros has been severely affected recently by the extreme weather in northern Mexico. As President Biden continues to rebuild the nation’s border management in a way that reflects the values ​​of the United States, addressing humanitarian needs in Matamoros has become a priority, ”the Department of Homeland Security said in a statement Wednesday.

“We will work in partnership with the government of Mexico and partners on the ground to facilitate the secure processing of current camp residents who qualify for this program,” he added.

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People who have recently arrived at the camp will not qualify to enter the United States, he explained on DHS. The statement indicates that the process will be carried out as quickly as possible and will comply with the established health and safety protocols. Migrants will also have to carry out the security check and take tests for covid-19.

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