• The midfielder was hit by a plastic stick in the 39th minute of the match after the Verdiblanco draw (1-1). The federation announces that the derby will resume this Sunday without an audience at 4:00 p.m.

The derby between Betis and Sevilla of the round of 16 of the Copa del Rey was suspended this saturday when suffering an attack Joan Jordan to the 39 minutes. The midfielder received in his head the impact of a plastic stick (“a hollow bar of approximately 50 cm of PVC”, according to the referee in the minutes) after the local team tied at one with an Olympic goal from Fekir, who scored directly from the corner.

After several minutes of uncertainty, the federation decided to suspend the meeting, which will finally be completed this Sunday at 4:00 p.m. behind closed doors at the Benito Villamarín.

After eight minutes in which the game was stopped to attend to the footballer, to whom the impact left something stunned, the Basque referee Ricardo de Burgos Bengoechea, who was very close to the action, picked up the thrown object from the South goal of Villamarín, He gave it to the field delegate and decided that the match would be interrupted when there were still 6 minutes left in the first half.

From there, the referee ordered the two teams to go to the changing rooms before making a decision about the incident. Finally, it was decided to suspend the meeting. It was not the first time that a derby had been suspended due to an assault. In 2007 it already happened for a big bottle to the then coach of the Seville team, Juande Ramos.

Baetic accusations

The aggressor was already identified and detained by the police, while Jordan was transferred to the a medical center For caution. The midfielder, who suffers a head trauma, is already at home.

Some Betis players, like Camarasa, Tello and Borja Iglesias accused sevillista player to exaggerate the blow following the instructions of Lopetegui. “We have all heard (including the fourth official) how his coach encouraged him to “get dizzy and jump to the ground” Camarasa wrote.

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