The best June plans with children in Barcelona

Hop on a miniature train

Here, you are tighter than in a Rodalíes at 8 in the morning. Are the miniature trains from the park Castell de l’Oreneta (Montevideo, 45), which are circulated every Sunday and holidays in this garden built around two monumental estates, now municipal property. The steam train, cared for and assembled by the Center for Studies – Steam Modeling, runs on steam and imitates the trains of the time that traveled through the European mountains. Yes, all to scale.

become a skateboarder

The next Tony Hawk, the most famous skateboarder of all time, could be among us. Or at least he thinks so Skate Now (Carretera de Mataró, 2-20, Badalona), a square and academy dedicated to this sport that seeks to train so that everyone knows how to function on wheels. On June 27 they return their summer fieldswho spend hot days skating, going to the beach and all kinds of sports activities.

movie plans

Fill the month with activities to instill the love of the seventh art in the little ones. For example, with ‘FilmoXica‘, of the film library (Salvador Seguí, 1-9), which is currently showing a cycle about fantastic creatures, such as dinosaurs or even the adorable and furry Totoro. EITHER ‘little moviegoers‘, of CaixaForum (Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 6-8), which has a cycle dedicated to children’s films starring girls, to give references to the youngest at home.

What’s the trick?

Here, if you don’t break, they break you. Welcome to Magic Familya magical show Eixample Theater (Aragó, 140) that uses humor and magic to entertain children and parents alike. The ‘show’, moreover, is full of surprises that require the participation of the public, so it is not suitable for the timid. Released a few weeks ago, it will be on the bill until the end of July.

Indiana Jones to the modernist

If Indiana Jones got lost in Barcelona, ​​he would have few ruins to visit beyond those of Barcino. According to The stone (Paseo de Gràcia, 92), if you explored the city of Barcelona, ​​you would get lost among its modernist jewels. That’s how it’s bornIndiana Stones: Explore!‘, which from Monday to June 26, organizes dynamic visits to Gaudí’s building so that children aged 5 to 10 learn about the characteristics that have defined our urban planning in an entertaining way.

family pride

June arrives, the month of lgbt pride. One more year, the pride! Barcelona dedicates a day to educating in sexual diversity and respect through the pride! Kids, which will fill Avinguda Reina Maria Cristina, the nerve center of Barcelona’s ‘queer’ activities, with workshops, games, inflatables and all kinds of entertainment for families. It will be on June 24, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. The day will start with a foam party for the little ones, from the opening until 12 noon.

art is a science

the family cycle C1ENCI4RT, organized by the Barcelona City Council, comes to an end. Their activities aim to teach the basics of science by applying them to everyday situations and thus understand that science is something of everyday life, and not a complicated discipline far removed from reality, and they have already dealt with topics such as music, cooking or art. Now, next June 12, it is dance turn: through a dance, they will teach all the science that is hidden behind our movements.

theatrical classics

When the heat arrives, the boys fall in love, but the theater also returns to the cool. The Turo Park (Pau Casals, 19) becomes, on Saturday afternoons, a family stage open to all audiences, with theatrical, circus and musical shows. And in the punctual (Allada Vermell, 15), the Ribera puppet theatre, performs the popular tale of the three little pigs with its puppets. Until June 12. They also come to Ars Room (Jonqueres, 15) several children’s theatrical classics such as ‘Ricitos de oro’. All performances, which last just under an hour, include a subsequent workshop for children to learn about and interact with the characters in the show.

For future biologists

Collserola is full of life, although, in the city, we live behind the back of its nature. The Civic Center Vallvidrera Vázquez Montalban (Elisa Moragas, 2) organizes family outings ‘We discovered the forest in the spring‘. Guided by a guide and biologist expert in the fauna and flora of the mountains, they will teach all families the secrets that are hidden in a Mediterranean forest and which, surely, we had not even realized.

Another option, also, to teach ecological values ​​in the little ones, the Jugatecambientals that, spread throughout the metropolitan area, organize dozens of activities with sustainability and love for biodiversity as the axis. Train your children in Greta Thunberg’s speech now.

educating the ear

We’ve said it so many times that we don’t know if it’s true or an urban myth, but music helps children develop. And, even if it’s just a popular theory passed by word of mouth, what is clear is that it doesn’t hurt: therefore, don’t hesitate to take the whole family to musical shows like ‘The Bremen Musicians‘, that he Civic Center Tomasa Cuevas (Dolors Masferrer, 33-35) organizes on June 19. This activity also has sign language support among other measures to make it more accessible.

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