The best flea markets in Barcelona: go sustainable shopping

They are everywhere. Wherever you look, dozens of posters of ‘Black Friday‘They’ve been hitting you in the face all week. You almost feel like in ‘A Clockwork Orange’. And yes, you are not alone, with so much consumerist propaganda, you will even end up asking for an exorcism to take out the spirit of Emilio Botín that forces you to take fire from the card. But there are cheap options – and even sustainable– to gloat over the capitalist delirium of late November: the flea markets. Good pretty and cheap. And so don’t repress the Paris Hilton in you.


Manzoni’s Vintage Market

You sneak through a tea room, cross a forest of giant mushrooms, you even wonder if when you cross the next door the queen of hearts will appear to you. But no, you haven’t fallen down the hole into wonderland. You are in Pudding (Pau Claris, 90), on its terrace, known as Alice Garden, where the Manzoni’s Vintage Market, a market with barbecue, DJs and a decoration according to Alicia’s fantasies.

Born from the hand of Sören Manzoni, one of the creators of Apolo’s ‘Nasty Mondays’, every Sunday, from 12 a.m. to 8 p.m., this hidden garden in the middle of the Eixample offers live music, a dozen paraditas with various handicrafts, from jewelry to art, and , above all, much modern. Its atmosphere can be defined as festive, but without excesses, come on, lively music to enjoy having a drink. So if you’re in Tinder mating season, save it on your agenda – this flea market is perfect for impressing on a first date.

A decade of fleas

Second hand in the ‘Flea’

Probably the most famous in the city: the second-hand markets of the Flea Market Barcelona, which since 2007 have been the mecca of corduroy jackets and blue jeans, the official uniform of the modern Barcelona when he steps on the Apolo. And not just clothes, the Flea (and the Fleadonia, another of its best-known brands) specializes in second-hand sales, whatever it is, from the sixties table of your grandmother’s apartment to that sweater your father bought in your wedding trip.

With a periodicity, approximately, monthly, sign up the next dates of their markets: the Fleadonia returns on December 5th Salvador Seguí (the Plaza de la Filmoteca), and the Flea, the December 12th, to Blanquerna square (Drassanes metro). And if you can’t wait to fill your closet, on his Instagram (@fleamarketbarcelona) you will find the agenda with other specific markets, such as the one organized this weekend in Gavà.

Music at the TNC

Jazztrònica festival

If you love shopping, this will be music to your ears: Sunday, December 5th, flea market and concerts. It is the proposal of Jazztrònica festival, a jazz fusion festival that combines the saxophone with electronic sessions, gastronomy and paraditas full of art, design, crafts and clothing. «8,000 m2 of garden, music, food and markets», Promise the organizers of this vintage festival that will bring life to the lawn of the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya (Plaza de les Arts, 1).

The headliner of this edition is Norman Jay MBE, a “lifelong” jazz dj whose DJ career began, according to his interviews, “at the age of 8 on a friend’s birthday.” The concert starts at 4pm. and it will last until 6.30 p.m. Equipped with beer in hand, an ideal plan to satisfy the festival monkey.

For minimum budgets

Everything for less than 5 euros

Here you can surrender to consumerism even if you have less budget than the ‘Sharknado’ saga. welcome to Everything at € 1! and the Give’me 5 from Two Market. These two markets have a very simple premise, the first sells everything for a maximum of 1 euro (worth the redundancy), and the second puts the cap at 5. Obviously, at those prices clothes fly, so you will have to fight for her: but, look, take it as a warm-up for the January sales throng.

Both are held monthly in The Black Navy Sheep (Zamora, 78), and, of course, the bar has a kitchen open during the day so you can combine shopping with a beer and a hamburger. The next editions are the December 5th, for the € 1, and the day 19, the € 5.

Also from Two Market, a weekly market that is the bomb: the Booom Market! It is every Thursday en la Nau Bostik (Ferran Turné 11), an old industrial factory in La Sagrera converted into a cultural space. And, although it does not focus exclusively on low prices, it has some areas enabled for products that do not exceed 5 euros, trying to emulate the success of its Poblenou contemporaries.

Collectibles in vein

Sunday of Sant Antoni

The classic of the classics, the Sant Antoni Sunday market, a weekly collecting convention that has nothing to envy the Comic or Manga fair. As the name obviously indicates, the market opens every sunday, from 8.30 a.m. to 2 p.m., around Sant Antoni Market (Comte d’Urgell, 1).

In their 74 paraditas, specialized in second-hand literature and collecting, you can find literally everything. What do you need a collectible? Here it is. What are you looking for a comic? Here it is. What do you need a sticker to complete the album of your childhood? Too. What do you want to save for Christmas? Well, better do like the IOC with Madrid and pretend that Sant Antoni does not appear on your maps.

From the garden to home

Fans of the natural

The ideal market for the followers of Carlos Ríos, those who in the supermarket read the equivalent of ‘The pillars of the Earth’ on labels only to find unprocessed food. Is he Earth Market, an agricultural market organized by Slow Food Barcelona that, every saturday, near the gardens of them Three Chimneys (Avenida Paral • lel, 49) food that doesn’t taste like cardboard. Direct from the orchard to the city.

More “real food” street market options, as healthy influencers say, Farmers’ Markets (@mercatdepages). every saturday They extend their stops in Vallcarca, Fort Pienc, Guinardó, Sants and Germanetes, selling vegetables, bread, preserves, but not an iota of ultra-processed foods.

Digital market

Lost & Found

The market for Lost & Found It is, saving the distances, like that section of lost and found at the institute where you went to look for your mother’s umbrella that you had lost and, although it was gone, you came back with a really cool scarf. “It’s a free access market where anyone can participate by contributing their personal items such as books, clothes, music, comics, computer products, toys, ideas, knowledge and much more. A huge showcase where it is possible to find other people’s treasures and other times ”, assure its creators. Come on, buy one of their vintage relics It gives you the same serotonin as Indiana Jones stepping on a Mayan temple.

Although their face-to-face editions are still frozen after the covid (but with the intention of resuming soon), the pandemic helped them to experience the online format. Therefore, its markets continue through its website and social networks, converting Instagram in a showcase where they can upload the treasures they are rescuing so that someone can give them a new life.

Festive splurge

Christmas markets

Do you hear it? Yes, it has already started. The ‘All I want for Chistmas is you’ is already sounding in a continuous space-time loop. No, it’s not even December yet, but the lights are on, carols have become the OST of the shopping streets and caganers stick their butts out despite the cold. It seems that Christmas has already arrived. Or, at least, their consumerism.

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So if you’re going to be swept away by capitalist momentum, at least do it with a little holiday spirit. This Friday, 26, the nerve center of Barcelona Christmas opens its doors: the Santa Lucia Fair, in the Plaza de la Catedral. On Saturday, 27, the Sagrada Familia market, and, already in December, those of Gran Vía and Moll de la Fusta. Hopefully you’ve saved the last few months for everything to come.

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