• Prepare this tasty sandwich with the signature of chef Mario Céspedes and treat yourself to a good morning

The Cook Mario Cespedes He is a true pioneer of nikkei cuisine -that delicious fusion between Peruvian and Japanese gastronomy- in Spain. In addition, it is to his credit that he opened, together with his wife, Conchi Álvarez, his first restaurant, round 14in Avilés, outside the usual nuclei where trends in eating things are cooked.

That first restaurant, born in 2011, is still open and going from strength to strength. In addition, in 2018 they made the leap from Asturias to Madrid with a Ronda 14 from the capital and two other mestizo and tasty concepts, Cylinder Y rush.

Céspedes adds to his signature ‘Nikkei’ cuisine asturian notes that enrich your proposal. For this reason, his irresistible breakfast recipe mixes the noble tradition of tasty sandwiches in the Latin American style but substituting the bread for the Asturian tortoise, a traditional fried dough that is worth recovering and enjoying.

Ingredients for four people)

For the cakes:

  • 250 g of corn flour

  • 75 g of wheat flour

  • 150ml lukewarm water

  • a pinch of salt

  • extra virgin olive oil

For the filling:

  • A chicken breast

  • a stalk of celery

  • Salt

  • Pepper

  • Mayonnaise

  • Four lettuce leaves

  • a green apple

  • Elaboration

  • First prepare the cake dough. To do this, combine the flour in a bowl with a pinch of salt and add the warm water until you get a dough that can be molded.

  • Separate the dough into eight slightly flat balls. Fry them in hot olive oil until golden brown on both sides. Drain excess oil and reserve.

  • Cook a chicken breast in water. Take out, shred the meat and season it. Cut the celery into squares and the apple into slices, discarding the center and the tail. Mix the chicken together with the celery and plenty of mayonnaise.

  • To prepare each of the sandwiches, place a lettuce leaf on a cake and, on it, the chicken with mayonnaise and celery. Add a sliced ​​apple quarter. Cover with another tortoise and enjoy!

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To include a touch of spice -and color-, Céspedes proposes adding a spoonful of hot pepper sauce. The result is a powerful breakfast and a perfect recipe to meet the asturian tortoisea dough capable of competing in versatility with others such as the arepa or the Mexican taco.

Mario Céspedes also fills it in his Cilindro de oxtail stew and in Asturias it is common to find it accompanied by fried eggs, minced chorizo ​​or Cabrales cheese. Long live the turtle.

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