Barça continues in pursuit of the only competition it lacks, the Europa League. He passed a new round again in a hostile environment, as had already happened in Naples. Yes in the Diego Armando Maradona Everything came out of his face from the beginning, in the Ali Sami Yen he had to invoke Pedri to get out of hell.

The genie in the lamp emerged when the team needed him most. Marcao, after achieving 1-0, collided sharply with the Canarian midfielder. The azulgrana was pissed off and, although he had already shown signs of being the only one capable of finding cracks in the Turkish wall, that clash made his magic emerge. Fernando Torres He served him a ball in the area. With a control he sank an opponent and with a feint let another through before scoring with a calmness unbecoming of his age a goal as big as the Hagia Sophia. But his exhibition went far beyond the great goal. He showed again not only the class that he treasures but also a veteran that is unbecoming of his age, taking the helm and taking the ‘tempo’ to guide the Barça ship to the quarter-final shore.

Without a doubt, he lived his grayest game in Istanbul since he returned to the Camp Nou. Without spaces to run against and always escorted by two rivals, the Barça squad did not manage to unbalance on the outside and did not generate danger on the inside. He did not mix well with Dest and also lost some balls that could have cost a scare. He was substituted at halftime to leave his position to Dembele that, after being pardoned, begins to win the pulse on the far right.

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