The Benefits of Palliative Care for COVID Patients  

Have you recently been diagnosed with COVID-19? Finally, vaccines are starting to roll out, but millions of people worldwide continue to contract the virus. There’s no doubt about it, we’re living in uncertain times, and health professionals are still figuring out the many layers of illness. 

Depending on your age and overall health condition, COVID can send you to an isolated hospital room or a professionally-quarantined at-home bed. Did you know that there is now mobile Covid testing in Toronto that comes directly to your home? If you’ve had a positive diagnosis recently, you’ll want to inform your loved ones of such a service. COVID is incredibly contagious (particularly with the growing number of variants), so tell your friends and family to stay home and utilize a concierge testing service to come straight to their places of residence or workplace. 

 Many people feel confused when confronted with the term palliative care. When you receive a COVID diagnosis, there’s a likely chance that you’re going to need it. Palliative care provides the necessary support and professional care to increase your life quality. Let’s look at how palliative care will do precisely that if you’ve recently been diagnosed with the Coronavirus.

What Is It?

Palliative care is the support system provided by nurses, doctors, counsellors, and other healthcare workers to ensure patients are comfortable and have a high quality of life. The main objective is to provide pain relief from the physical illness’s symptoms, the side effects of treatments, and the emotional turmoil of what it feels like to have a life-limiting disease. 

Palliative care workers can come straight to your home to provide the services you need or to your hospital room. They’ll ensure that your machinery is working well and that you’re as comfortable as possible. 

What’s Does It Achieve?

When you receive private or at-home palliative care, your healthcare team will ensure that your house is tidy and clean, that you’re taking all the proper medications for any underlying health concerns, and provide compassionate companionship during this lonely and unusual time. It provides that extra cushion of care from day one. You will never have to face anything alone with palliative care.

A palliative care team will also communicate with your loved ones regularly. They’ll update them on your progress and, if possible, ensure that you’re able to speak to them on the phone or other online platforms since you may not have the opportunity to be near your friends and family physically.

The right agency will make safety and health a primary concern always. A palliative team of health professionals abide by strict health concerns — thoroughly washing hands, wearing the correct PPE equipment, and maintain safe distances at all times. 

If your test result wasn’t the one you wanted to receive, know that you’re not alone. You may not be able to see friends and family right now, but the right healthcare agency will provide one-on-one compassion and the best healthcare services to you, wherever you need it. 

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