The Bayern Munich assembly ends with tension over the renewal of the sponsorship with Qatar Airways

The annual assembly of the Bayern Munich ended this Thursday with scenes of tension after discussing the renewal of the club’s sponsorship with Qatar Airways, in a meeting between shouts and chants against the president of the entity, Herbert

“This was the worst assembly I have ever seen at Bayern”

Uli Hoeness, former Bayern president


The members chanted ‘Hainer out’ while expressing their discontent with the president and chants of ‘We are Bayern and you are not’ and ‘We are the fans you don’t want’ were also heard.

The ex-president Uli Hoeneß he left the lectern in his turn to speak without comment amid the turmoil after Hainer abruptly ended the meeting. “This was the worst assembly I have ever seen at Bayern,” Hoeness told sports magazine Kicker.

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Fans have long criticized the deal with Qatar Airways because of the country’s human rights record that will host the 2022 World Cup. Hainer confirmed that Bayern will abide by the deal with the airline until 2023, though he did not say that the renovation was decided.

A motion by member Michael Ott to include the issue on the day’s agenda was rejected by the directors, following a court ruling that same day that confirmed that Bayern did not have to include it, also arguing that the 780 members present at the assembly They were not representative of the general Bayern membership, with more than 290,000.

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