The barons see Casado’s “surrender” to Ayuso as a sign of his “extreme weakness”

Paul’s address Married announced this Saturday mid-afternoon that the PP will close the informative file that it had opened to Isabel Diaz Ayuso for the bites that he believed his brother had taken after signing finger contracts with the Community of Madrid. The party will take that step because Casado considers “satisfactory” the explanations about Tomás Díaz Ayuso’s business that the leader offered him in person on Friday afternoon at a meeting to which he summoned him at the Genoa headquarters.

The closure of that file has been seen by the most representative barons of the party as a “surrender” married to Ayuso and a sample of “extreme weakness & rdquor; by the leader of the popular. “You cannot close the investigation 24 hours after spending two days insinuating that the president of Madrid is a corrupt and that he has behaved it is not exemplary&rdquor ;, declares a regional president with command in the square who asks not to appear with name and surname. “When I saw the news, I thought it was liebecause he shows such fragility as a leader that he does not understand himself & rdquor ;, he adds.

The regional leaders consulted believe that Feijóo’s threat to convene an urgent congress has scared the leader of the PP

The barons consulted by this newspaper agree on three reasons that have led Casado to “sheathe it” in so few hours before the Madrid leader: first, the demonstration that this Sunday is called to request the resignation of the president of the PP in front of the Genoa headquarters; second, the few “important” regional leaders and mayors who have come out to defend him after the war with Ayuso was declared on Thursday; and, finally, the verification that, “for the first time & rdquor ;, he has seen that there is an “alternative”: Alberto Núñez Feijóo.

The president of the Xunta asked Casado on Friday to close the “bleeding & rdquor; that he had opened up in the party if he did not want the territorial leaders to have to ask for an extraordinary congress. In an interview on EsRadio, Feijóo expressly demanded that she sit face to face and alone with Ayuso. “The center-right cannot be united if it is not proven that the party is united”, he launched in reference to the need to neutralize to voxwhich threatens the hegemony of the PP among the most conservative voters.

The leader’s accusations

The PP leader took a few hours to fulfill Feijóo’s request. After eating, he called out to her. According to sources from Puerta del Sol, he was surprised by the gesture, because not even eight hours had passed since, at Cope, the leader of the popular party had launched very harsh sentences against Ayuso. “The question is whether it is understandable that on April 1, when 700 people died in Spain, you can contract with your sister and receive 286,000 euros of profit for selling masks,” he went on to say about one of the businesses signed by Tomás Díaz Ayuso .

Feijóo’s second train

Casado made these statements at nine, just before Feijóo spoke and gave him homework. Seeing the attitude of the president of the Xunta, which was clearer than ever, Casado and Teodoro García Egea “have been scared”, the consulted barons point out. They believe that Feijóo has managed to fix the “mental framework” that there may be a way out of “chaos” and that he could go through it. He has already achieved the fourth absolute majority of him, he is 60 years old and knows that the train is passing him for the second time. The previous one was after the motion of censure of Mariano Rajoy, in 2018, and decided not to take the step in that extraordinary congress that Casado ended up winning against Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría.

The crux now, warn the barons, is to know how long it will interest, especially Ayuso, a Married “dying

This pressure measure launched by Feijóo is discussed with the most prominent barons, including Juanma Brown (Andalusia) and Alfonso Fernández-manueco (Castilla y León), and also “commented” with “many more regional party presidents“, sources familiar with these contacts assure many bands. “If García Egea and Casado want to think that they have the party tied, let them see who has come out to support them on those social networks that they like so much,” these sources point out.

internal supports

Opposite, on the other hand, among the autonomous leaders who are more married, it is considered that the leadership of the party “has secured 80% of the support” of the national board of directors, a body in which the option of convening an extraordinary congress would be voted on. In that meeting, where there are about 400 people, including the leadership, deputies, senators, MEPs, regional presidents, the party and also mayors, the possibility of going to some primaries to elect a new president (or president) of the formation.

Feijóo has achieved his fourth absolute majority in Galicia, he is 60 years old and knows that the train is happening to him for the second time

Casado’s defenders consider that “the campaign against García Egea” is unnecessary, because the leader of the PP “never let fall” to his general secretary. These days ago, some leaders suggested that the leader of the PP could dismiss his number two as a “detente gesture” before Ayuso and the rest of the party. García Egea is held responsible for the alleged espionage ordered by the national leadership on the president and her entourage to find dirty laundry.

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The matter was addressed in the face-to-face meeting between the leader and the president on Friday and that Genoa announced this Saturday at noon. Management proposed to issue a release for stage the end of hostilities in which Ayuso said that she had not been spied on by the PP. The leader did not sign it. Despite his refusal, this Saturday, Casado announced on his own initiative that the file for the alleged bites of his brother will be closed at the next meeting of the rights and guarantees committee.

The crux of the matter now, warn the barons, is to know how long it will interest them, and also Ayuso, a Married “dying“. The president has ended up touched by this crisis and an urgent congress in two months is not convenient for her. The ordinary one should be held in July, four years after the election of Casado. Five months. A whole world seeing the speed of politics.

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