The Barcelona’s town hall has announced that it anticipates the departure of the 100,000 new Bonus Consum scheduled for December 20. You can start downloading from this Tuesday and use until December 31.

This project seeks to encourage local consumption of products, services and restaurants during this year. The objective is to achieve the commercial recovery of the city, which is one of the sectors that have been most affected by the pandemic.

In addition, they have allocated a total of 4,040,000 euros for the creation of 380,000 bonds. This assumes a direct injection of 3,800,000 euros in citizen consumption in the commercial fabric of the city to promote the reactivation of the economy, according to the council itself.

How this voucher works

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Interested persons have to access the BCNMarket to book the voucher directly and download it. These bonuses have a value of 20 euros10 are provided by the user and the other 10 by the Barcelona City Council. With the document and a personal identification, they can go to any establishment that is in this initiative to acquire the product or service they want and use the voucher.

Only one voucher can be used per purchase and the redemption period is 15 days, after this time expires. Consumers can be holders of three vouchers at the same time.

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