The author of the attack on Old Quebec mixed video games and reality

Carl Girouard affirms that he felt invested with a duty to change the world for the better. That’s why it was necessary to establish chaos to make a New World.

Dressed in a white shirt and donut pants, the 26-year-old accused took the witness stand surrounded by three peace officers.

Girouard faces two charges of first degree murder and five of attempted murder, after attacking random people on October 31, 2020.

Criminally responsible?

His lawyer Me Pierre Gagnon intends to demonstrate that he cannot be declared criminally responsible, because of his mental disorders.

Testifying in his defence, Girouard said he started frantically playing video games at the age of 15, preferring violent ones involving fights with bladed weapons.

He claims to have then lost interest in school, while his virtual world took on more and more importance.

I mixed the world of video games with the real worldhe said. You had to live in a world like in video games.

According to the testimony of the accused, his idea of ​​creating a world better creating chaos crystallized around the age of 17 or 18.

He then begins to think about it constantly.

It’s like a second world in my head, he illustrates, there was another Carl Girouard who was focused on the mission.

Die while accomplishing your mission

A mission during which he will die, but which will continue thanks to his alter ego.

Questioned on this subject by his lawyer, Girouard is not able to identify who these people are, inhabited by the same desire to create a New World.

But to alert them, he chooses to act on Halloween, a full moon night.

He considered committing his gesture of brilliance to attract attention in places other than Old Quebec, but chose this place after scouting there in 2018.

It looks like an older setting with statues like in my video games he explains.

Throughout his life, he preferred not to bond with people, knowing that he was going to die doing his job. assignment .

I was wary of talking about it. I couldn’t be arrested, because my mission was of the utmost importance. »

A quote from Carl Girouard, testifying at his trial

According to his claims, he could not attempt to find alter egos: it’s a top secret mission.

That’s why it was necessary to establish a chaos to make a New World, to send a message to my alter ego so that they continue the work he adds.

His testimony will continue Wednesday afternoon.

His mother testifies

The defense began its case by having the defendant’s mother testify.

Monique Dalphond, who raised four boys, described her son Carl as a lonely and withdrawn child.

His mother will say that she noticed inappropriate behavior in him from kindergarten.

This was the case throughout his school career.

At the end of primary school, he is treated with concerta, medication that he will stop on his own towards the end of secondary 1, according to the mother.

An illustration of a woman with glasses

Monique Dalphond, mother of the accused


Interest in samurai costumes

When he reaches the age of majority, Girouard obtains a credit card.

His mother indicates that he then had a very marked interest in bladed weapons and samurai costumes.

It was a collection, testified the mother. Even if the thing worries her, she adds that it was her only interest, with video games.

He has no social life, no friendssummarizes the woman.

In 2016, she says she saw something worrying. Carl was talking to himself in his shower and laughing to himselfshe told the jury.

After her testimony, the mother remained in the courtroom to listen to her son’s testimony, occasionally escaping sobs.

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