The author of the attack on a policeman in a Zaragoza bus was arrested in Alicante

The National Police has stopped this Monday in Alicante the author of the attack on a policeman in a Zaragoza urban bus that took place last week. The detainee, 29 years old and of Moroccan origin, had been searching and capturing for several days and he intended to leave Spain, where he had no criminal record, although Immigration kept a file open for irregular stay in the country. In addition, as reported by the National Police, they have tracked him in various places in Spain.

The beating quickly went viral, which led the author, simply by urging him to wear the mask, decide to hide to avoid being located and arrested. He has not succeeded, since the investigators, who had requested citizen collaboration, were able to determine his whereabouts and proceed to his arrest on Guardiola street in the city of Alicante at around 2:40 pm. Agents from the Zaragoza Judicial Police Brigade, the Alicante Judicial Police Brigade and Madrid Special Systems have participated.

The events occurred when the suspect, who has not yet been arrested, got on the bus without a mask. The rest of the users told him to put it on and it was at that moment that the agent, respectfully according to those present, told him that he should put it on and comply with the rules after identifying himself as an agent. At that moment, the young man began to rebuke the agent, even challenging him to stick “if he had balls” and that they will get off the bus to fix it with blows. The agent remained impassive until the suspect pounced on him and gave him several kicks and punches. Several users immediately jumped on the offender to prevent the beating from going further.

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The attack on the agent took place around 04.00 a.m. when the bus circulated on Madrid avenue, in the Zaragoza Delicias neighborhood. It has not been the only one in the last month in the Aragonese capital that ten cases have already been registered between national and local police, the last this weekend.

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