The audience failures of 2021 on free-to-air television

The new way of consuming television content has meant that the profitability of products can be increased by taking advantage of their broadcast on payment platforms and even with prior agreements for co-production or sale of rights abroad. However, strictly analyzing the audience data of its free and online broadcast, we find several spaces premiered in 2021 that, in this sense, have not managed to meet expectations and have recorded data well below expectations. We review the main television failures in audiences of this 2021.

The 1 ends 2020 without hitting the entertainment and daily magazines

In the middle of a year of organic changes in the corporation, La 1 de TVE still does not find the key to compete face to face with Telecinco and Antena 3. For example, it has not managed to improve the morning data with the premiere of ‘Better with you ‘, which has registered data well below the average of its chain with a range between 4% and 6% of screen share. In fact, the public channel recovered ‘Corazón’ with Anne Igartiburu and is preparing a new cooking program with the Torres brothers, just as YOTELE exclusively reported in exclusive.

‘Of the lives’ Nor has he had better luck in the afternoon strip. Despite winning the Rose D’Or award, the daily television series fails to stand out after the Telediario and the regional news programs, harvesting data that oscillate between 5% and 7% share.

Except for the anonymous and celebrity editions of ‘Masterchef’, La 1 de TVE has not managed to shine either in prime time with some of its entertainment bets. Despite having the quality seal of Fremantle, Proamagna and Shine Iberia, ‘The Dancer’, ‘Two couples and a destiny’ and the last season of ‘Prodigios’ They have not curdled on their grill with, respectively, 8.3%, 5.7% and 8.1% on average.

Although its delayed data is quite good in a context of open fiction crisis, ‘The Hunt: Tramuntana’ (6,8%), ‘Ana Tramel. The game’ (7.2%), the fourth season of ‘I am alive’ (5.9%), the second of ‘HIT’ (7.6%) and ‘Leonardo’ (7.2%) have not achieved great results either.

‘Family Feud’, ‘I see how you sing’, ‘Lego Masters’ and their own series, Antena 3 disappointments in this 2021

Within the general balance of the year, Antena 3 will close 2021 as the leader of prime time and achieving the leadership in three months thanks, for example, to the success of Turkish fictions such as ‘Woman’ or ‘My daughter’, but it has also had some disappointments, although not very deep. In entertainment, ‘Family Feud: The battle of the famous’ (11.3%), ‘I see how you sing’ (12.2%) and ‘Lego Masters’ (11.15% in the absence of its outcome) are the bad tastes in the mouth of the Atresmedia chain this year, although below two points of his monthly average at most.

Framing within the aforementioned crisis of open fiction and highlighting the good results they have in other windows such as Atresplayer Premium, the main setbacks of Antena 3 in this 2021 have also been the premieres of Atresmedia series such as ‘El Nudo’ (8.5%), ‘Benidorm’ (8.5%), ‘Los Hombres de Paco’ (8.3%) and ‘La cocinera de Castamar’ (11.8%), without counting the data from ‘La noche Premium ‘(7.6%).

Four keeps failing in the morning and after dinner

In this 2021, the morning fringes and the after-dinner table has been an important field of failure for Cuatro. The red chain of Mediaset has not been successful with its bets on formats such as ‘The right price’, ‘Los Teloneros’ (2.4%) and ‘Naked eye’ (below 3%), although it does not seem that he is hitting with ‘High voltage’ (less than 5%) and ‘First Dates Café’ (below 3%), weighing down its monthly average.

On the other hand, the reformulation of ‘In the spotlight’ In its new season, it has not finished convincing the audience of Cuatro, which averaged a 4.5% share throughout its 10 installments.

The chain has also not achieved good results with the broadcast of its own production series that the audiovisual group has relegated to its programming grid. ‘Charon ‘ (4,9%), ‘Ladies of (h) AMPA ‘ (3,3%), ‘The devil’s clocks (about 4%) and ‘Mothers’ (3.1%) have not managed to shine, disappearing from the grid with more pain than glory.

20:00 is still not a good time for Telecinco

Telecinco continues to pay a very expensive price for the departure of ‘Pasapalabra’ on its television schedule in 2021. The main Mediaset chain continues with a major problem in the 20:00 hours, where it has seen formats such as ‘Save me tomato’, ‘Las Campos Móvil’ (12.6%), ‘The fair price’ (around 11-12-13% share), ‘High tension’ (around 10-12%) and the preview of the galas of ‘Secret Story’ (between 10% and 13% share) it has not managed to compete against the stratospheric audience data of the contest presented by Roberto Leal. ‘It’s already eight o’clock’, his last bet for the moment, has not ended this problem either (11-12%).

On the other hand, ‘Secret Story’ has not followed in the wake of the big data that other Telecinco reality shows have achieved. The Zeppelin format has averaged a 17.1% audience share in the Thursday galas of its first edition, far from 25.9% of ‘Survivors 2021’ or 32.5% of ‘GH VIP 7’.

‘The debate of temptations’ and ‘Top Star’, Isabel Pantoja’s latest talent as a jury in Mediaset, has also passed without pain or glory in Telecinco, after reaping, respectively, a 10.4% and 11.1% share of the screen during its time in prime time.

In fiction, after relegating ‘Mothers’ and ‘Ladies of (H) AMPA’ to Cuatro after the punctures that it registered in its open premieres, ‘The village’ Nor has it managed to stand out with the average 7.8% share it garnered.

Prime time, laSexta’s main breakdown in 2021

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If Telecinco resists the 8:00 p.m. slot, laSexta does not end up standing out with its prime time offer in this 2021. The fourth and final season of ‘Where were you then? (4%), ‘Research team’ (5.7%), the reformulation of ‘The objective’ (4.3%) and the new stage of ‘the Sixth Night ‘ after the departure of Iñaki López (5.6%) they have not finished conquering the audience of the Atresmedia chain. ‘The rock’ (4.2%) and ‘Off the map’ (5%) They have not shone either for the moment in their programming.

laSexta has also had a significant stumble when it comes to betting on international fiction such as ‘The Flash’ The ‘The Lewinsky case ‘.

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