The Artesa de Segre fire is heading for its sixth day without being able to be stabilized

He already warned Minister of the Interior, Joan Ignacio Elenathat he Sunday It would be a “very complicated day” in terms of managing the multiple fires that devastate Catalonia. And on that difficult day for the tasks that firefighters are being carried out to control the fires, the wind and another nearby fire, in Peramola, have made the work even more difficult. For this reason, the alert for extreme fire risk has been maintained in the 93 affected municipalities for this Sunday. However, for Monday Civil Protection has deactivated level 3, the maximum risk, of the Alpha Plan due to the forecast of a meteorological improvement.

During the central hours of the day there have been wind gusts between 30 and 40 km/h, which has been a great complication that the emergency services have encountered this Sunday, especially in the south and southwest of the country. “We have less temperature, the humidity has risen, but all the forecasts indicate that until 8:00 p.m. we will have that wind that makes the risk of new ignitions a very alert situation,” Delort detailed.

The Firefighters of the Generalitat have registered 229 forest fires since last Wednesday, 83 urban vegetation, 76 agricultural and 70 forest vegetation. Of the 45 fires they have faced daily, just stay active the fire of Segre trough (Lleida), which on its fifth day has already devastated 2,700 hectaresmostly forest mass, and that of Peramolawhich began at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday and which has forced divert troops of the Artesa fire to deal with this second fire.

Elena explained that it has been “very difficult” to keep the right flank of the Artesa fire under control, but that it has been achieved “through aerial means and many on the ground.” She explained that this was the goal of the day, but then another big fire appeared, the one in Peramola / Oliana.

Regarding the fire PeramolaThis is started by the breakdown of a combine harvester in a field and it has a lower incidence than that of Artesa in terms of affected hectares: according to Agents Rurals it would have burned about 77 hectares, which have also indicated that if the wind does not let up it will be difficult to stop the flames, especially considering that it is a complex fire due to the conditions of the land, since it is a very steep and rugged area.

Elena hopes to be able to perimeter the Oliana and Artesa fires this Monday.

Stabilized and controlled fires

In parallel, the Bombers have allocated 17 ground crews to put out a new forest fire that started this Sunday between the municipalities of Bot and Horta de Sant Joan (Tarragona), a fire that they have managed to stabilize around nine in the morning. The cause of the fire was the fall of a medium voltage line.

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In addition, the fire that started last Friday in Altés (Lleida), the one in Olivella in the Parc Natural del Garraf, and the one in Saldes have been stabilized. Controlled are the fires of Lladurs (Lleida), Corbera d’Ebre (Tarragona) and the one that started on Sunday morning in Bot (Terra Alta). The one in Castellar de la Ribera, which last Thursday was one of the most worrying due to its potential, is now extinct.

More measures for Sant Joan

The President of the Government, Pere Aragonesexplained that the Government is studying “being able to more recommendations” Between Tuesday and Wednesday, according to the weather forecast, with a view to festival of Sant Joan. “They will be in line with what we are saying every year, we will do what is absolutely necessary, but we will not make it meaningless,” he replied, asked if they were considering banning bonfires or firecrackers.

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