The Andalusian left submits Yolanda Díaz to her first examination of the new electoral cycle

Quick waters for the lefts in the election appointment on Sunday. An extremely difficult campaign ends for the different options beyond the PSOE, where the main challenge consisted of palliate demobilization and become recognizable after multiple fractures and internal struggles. This objective is especially important in the case of ‘For Andalusia’a coalition that brings together for the first time conflicting forces such as More country and we can and that it is not led by the purples but by UI. The result, in short, of the new policy of alliances in which Yolanda Diazwho will pass his first exam in the Andalusian call. The great danger is abstention, and the two forces that dominate space have focused these days on fighting it.

You have not helped this company the backdrop of the campaign, with the fratricidal struggles. The most obvious has become visible in the existence of two candidacies resulting from a political divorce: the coalition led by immaculate grandson and the party of Theresa Rodriguez, who led the electoral list in 2018 and was later expelled from the group along with seven other deputies. If at that time the left beyond the PSOE was on the same ballot and won 17 seats in the Andalusian Parliament, now it is fighting to reach ten seats by adding the two options.

The direct consequence of the new scenario is that none of the projects is fully consolidated. More flagrant is the case of the coalition For Andalusia, which was born wounded by the turbulent negotiations that confronted the United Left and Podemos, which after tightening the rope until the last moment was left out of the registry and does not appear officially as a member of the candidacy. Although there has been a clear attempt to close ranks so as not to hinder the electoral campaign, the election of Nieto as a candidate against Podemos’s commitment to Juan Antonio Delgado has made the resentment in the purple ranks evident, at times, with its high point in the cessation of Amanda Mayerleader of IU Andalucía, by Irene Monterowhich has restricted its presence in the campaign.

Nieto’s ignorance as a candidate and Rodríguez’s lack of resources and organization has forced them to try to gain a foothold against the clock, also trying to highlight their differences to account for the new electoral reality after the split of the space into two candidacies. One appears as a space pilot project at the national level, in a new trial of alliances that once again brings together the different actors who have clashed in recent years; and the other, led by Rodríguez, who seeks to champion Andalusianismexhibiting total independence from any organization in Madrid and from any traditional party.

Teresa Rodríguez started with an advantage in the first stages of the electoral campaign. Her most recognized figure of her-of her is known by 89% of her electorate, according to the CIS- and his intervention in the first televised debatewhere she was the only one to refute the theses of voxplaced it on the map and managed to boost it to 4 seats, according to the polls, when at the beginning of the campaign some polls placed it outside the parliamentary arc.

The anti-capitalist leader has managed to capitalize on his leadership, so much so that he will put your face on the ballot paper However, the ignorance of his project and the lack of resources for the electoral campaign -the Electoral Board denied them- may weigh down his options. The main distinctive of his project goes through avoid mixing with the PSOE, with whom in no case would he enter into any coalition, as he has defended for months. Go ahead, Andalusia has an oversight vocation, if the case arises, it would facilitate a progressive executive but without entering into it.

This thesis has not gone unnoticed in ‘Por Andalucía’, where they aspire to reissue in the region the coalition that already governs in La Moncloa. An option “government, not opposition & rdquor ;, as Yolanda Díaz highlighted in one of her interventions in the campaign. “We don’t want to ask for the vote to be in the opposition, but to be in government and change people’s lives,” she warned.

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The second vice-president has been precisely the great protagonist of the electoral race, which has been in crescendo for this Andalusian force. For Andalusia, he designed a campaign with small-format events for the first few days, which were attended by a few dozen people. But the Díaz’s presence marked a turning point, managing to mobilize thousands of people in each of the three mass events organized by the coalition, the last one in Dos Hermanas (Seville), a historical stronghold of the PSOE. At the end of the campaign, Nieto gave an account of the growing drift of the campaign: “This has become a wave, and that which seemed immutable has been growing and we have in hand that there is a block of progress in Andalusia that is the majority to the right”, he said this Friday night in Malaga.

One of the main elements of mobilization was Yolanda Díaz, who initially planned to participate in only two campaign events, added a third in Malaga together with Iñigo Errejón, in one of the most outstanding images of the campaign, for staging the reunion of the two slots after the 2019 split. Vice President decided to get involved in Andalusia despite the warnings of some voices from his environment, who called on him to avoid any attrition in the face of the foreseeable bad results -For Andalusia he aspires to obtain between 8 and 10 seats in his maximum range-. A bet that is not trivial; since Díaz is aware that Andalusia opens a new electoral cycle for the coming months. His presence there has sealed a link with the results obtained by the coalition on Sunday, in what will be the first exam of the future candidate.

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