The men that a real estate developer allegedly hired to kill a lawyer in March 2020 would have had in their possession the address of their victim and even that of the president of Desjardins.

“Show it to you on the internet, if you want”, launches the voice of a man, in a short video that the court could watch on Wednesday.

In it was visible a document on which one could read the personal address of Guy Cormier, president and chief executive officer of the Mouvement Desjardins.

For more than two weeks, the trial of Cheikh Ahmed Tidiane Ndiaye, 42, and Daouda Dieng, 36, has been going on at the Longueuil courthouse.

They are notably charged with attempted murder, intimidation of a lawyer and obstruction.

Cell phones in which a multitude of information would have been found were seized from the accused.

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Cell phones in which a multitude of information would have been found were seized from the accused.

On March 26, 2020, after refusing to open the door to a stranger, Mand Nicholas Daudelin was shot by a second individual who would have appeared in front of his door, in Mont-Saint-Hilaire. He managed to project himself out of his porch to avoid the worst.

A big dispute

According to the lawsuit, the two men would have tried to carry out the order of Jean-François Malo. This is a real estate developer who at the time had a dispute of several million dollars with, among others, the Mouvement Desjardins, which Mr. Daudelin represented.

“I recognize the voice of Jean-François Malo”, testified yesterday Pascal Côté, investigator at the Sûreté du Québec, about the video extract which would have been found in the cell phone of Ndiaye, seized at his home.

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In this device, there would also have been the address of Mand Daudelin, and that of other stakeholders in the civil litigation of Malo, as well as their photos. A document, which according to the police was written by Malo, describes who these individuals were and their involvement in the case.

“There is no evidence of what could have been done to these individuals. It stops there, however, indicated Tian Meng, Crown prosecutor. For us, these elements show that [les accusés] are not limited to a simple business relationship.

The glass of Nicholas Daudelin's front door had shattered under the projectiles.

Courtesy picture

The glass of Nicholas Daudelin’s front door had shattered under the projectiles.

In Senegal

In addition, Ndiaye would have texted his wife that he was about to make a money move, before the attack. ” I have one [meeting] in Joliet. [À] so it seems, we’re going to be a millionaire soon,” he reportedly wrote.

Then afterwards, Malo would have discussed with Dieng a sum transferred to “Tidi” in a bank account in Senegal.

This is also where the black Ford Escape that would have been used for the crime was then sent, according to documents discovered in the seized cellphones.

Also accused in this case, Malo will undergo a separate trial.

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