The accused says she was inspired by the #MeToo movement

The university researcher who would have liked to rot the life of her ex-lover by accusing her entourage falsely claimed to have been inspired by the #MeToo movement and lamented that her denunciation turned against her.

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“I went from victim to stalker, I was in the bottom of the barrel. […] I gave myself the place that was rightfully mine as a victim, ”said Ann Letellier on Wednesday, while she was on trial at the Sorel courthouse on charges of harassment and extortion.

She continued her testimony, again delivering a version that contradicts that of the plaintiff in this case, whose identity cannot be revealed due to a publication ban.

The members of the jury will therefore have to decide to whom they give the most credibility.

Ann Letellier explained to them that her lover had established a strong relationship of control, where she was only a “mere object” and suffered violent abuse during each sexual encounter.

She maintained that she had succeeded in ending it by pushing him away and ordering him to leave his chalet.

“That was the time I was able to tell him to stop and I couldn’t take it anymore,” she said.

The accused could not explain the abandonment of the control of which she claims to have been the victim.

“He respected that and he didn’t try to get it back. [des relations sexuelles] after”, recognized Mme Letellier.


She admitted having multiplied the denunciations and complaints against the plaintiff because she was “angry not to be believed”.

“I’m a victim who tried to tell her story, but it didn’t work,” she said, saying she was inspired by the #MeToo movement and actress Patricia Tulasne, her “idol”, who had denounced Gilbert Rozon.

But she says she never thought of the impact of her actions towards the complainant, such as the emails to more than thirty people, including several of her relatives and even the Minister of Higher Education, in which she claimed to have been “raped, abused and sexually assaulted”.

“I was in a process of liberation against my sexual aggressor. […] It was the least of my worries, his reputation,” admitted Ann Letellier.

The defendant’s testimony continues Thursday.

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