The account in Jersey linked to Juan Carlos I was a ‘trust’ created as protection in case the Crown lost

  • The draft of the Prosecutor’s Office, advanced by COPE, does not see evidence against the emeritus because he never had beneficiary status

  • Its origin is contributions from the 50s and 70s to support the then prince who was added to other ‘trust’ created by Prado and Colón de Carvajal

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court has not found or evidence that allows “direct criminal reproach” against John Charles I for one of the three criminal proceedings that are open for the management of his assets, the one related to a account in Jersey -tax haven-, so it will be filed. This is stated in the draft of the advance file decree this Monday by the COPE chain that indicates that these funds constituted a ‘trust’ created as protection in the event that the monarch were deposed by an unconstitutional coup.

According to this information, the leak of which has caused discomfort in the prosecution According to sources consulted by El Periódico de España, a newspaper belonging to the same group, Prensa Ibérica, that this newspaper, in the decree to archive the investigation carried out by the team of prosecutors headed by the Anti-corruption chief, Alejandro Luzón, part of the funds of those two original trusts came from donations made between the 50s and 70s of the last century to Don Juan Carlos de Borbón. It would be the money contributed by different people to support the maintenance of the then prince.

The funds in Jersey constitute one of the three investigations open to the emeritus, in addition to those in 2018 for the alleged collection of almost 65 million in commissions for the construction of the AVE to Mecca. They were the last ones opened, already with the matter in charge of the team of prosecutors of the Supreme Court, together with those that investigate the alleged use by Juan Carlos I and other relatives of opaque credit cards charged to accounts in which they do not appear as holders.

More than some funds, according to the investigations carried out, the Jersey money would constitute a ‘trust’ by means of which the person who constitutes it creates a patrimony to which some assets that are administered in favor of the persons designated as beneficiaries.

In this case, the creator himself would have been the historian Joaquín Romero Maura, who was advisor to Juan Carlos I. The JRM 2004 Trust was constituted on March 9, 2004, according to the decree advanced by the station, from the merger of the money deposited for the prince with funds from two other trusts created in 1995 and 1997 at the initiative of the diplomat and friend of the king Manuel de Prado and Columbus de Carvajalwho was sentenced in KIO case for misappropriation of funds from the Kuwaiti society.

Crown Protection

Always according to the story that will be included in the decree according to the station, already in the 90s “the purpose of both trusts was to support the then King Don Juan Carlos I in the event that he was deposed by an unconstitutional coup or a similar situation and they had him as the sole beneficiary. But It has hardly been active since 2004.

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In that year, according to the decree, “The political situation in Spain was stable, the heir, today King Felipe VI, had just married, the monarchy enjoyed prestige and public knowledge of the existence of the trusts, with the presence in them of Manuel de Prado, already convicted by the National High Court, would have required embarrassing explanations & rdquor ;, indicates the text. That is why today emeritus “he decided to liquidate the trusts and transfer their funds to Joaquín Romero Maura”.

Since then, it would be the professor who disposes of these funds, naming his wife and the British Refugee Council as beneficiaries at his death, in addition, “the trust would have had low activity for all these years & rdquor ;.

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