The Abertzale left mobilizes without citing Henri Parot from ETA: “It is a lie that this is a tribute”

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The citizen network Sare, from the surroundings of the Abertzale left, has extended to numerous populations of the Country Basque and Navarra its demand for the repeal of Law 7/2003 on full compliance with sentences, which currently affects 15 members of AND, among them Henri Parot, convicted of 39 murders.

This organization decided this Friday to suspend the program of events prepared in Arrasate / Mondragón and focused on demanding the release of Parot and the substituted by concentrations to demand the repeal of this law in a more generic way, without citing any specific prisoner.

In the Gipuzkoan town, a 31-kilometer march was initially planned to commemorate the years that the inmate of the terrorist gang Henri Parot has been in prison.

One of the spokesmen of this group has intervened in the concentration carried out in Mondragón Inaxio Oiartzabal, who has insisted that it is a “lie” that the acts programmed by Sare constituted a “homage” to Parot.

He stated that Sare’s intention is to “denounce the exceptional prison policy” that in his opinion applies to ETA inmates “and today specifically to demand the repeal of Law 7/2003, which means applying” hidden life sentences “by extending the effective enforcement of sentences to 40 years.

Hundreds of people participated in the rally, who remained silent behind a banner with the slogan “No to life imprisonment. Human rights, coexistence and resolution “.

Oiartzabal has insisted that they decided to suspend the acts of support for Parot in Arrasate so as not to give the “extreme right” an “opportunity for confrontation”, since Sare manifests himself “in favor of coexistence.”

Similar gatherings, with the same motto, have been held this afternoon in dozens of towns in the Basque Country and Navarra, called by the local Sare organizations.

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