The 72119, second prize of the Christmas Lottery 2021

The second prize of the Extraordinary Draw of the Christmas Lottery that is celebrated this Wednesday has corresponded to the number 72119, endowed with 1,250,000 euros to the series, so the holder of each tenth will earn 125,000 euros (The 6,250 euros for every euro played). The award has fallen on Basauri (Biscay) and it was sung by the same child that El Gordo sang last year, who is called Alexander.

As this year 172 series of each number have been issued and each ticket consists of 10 tickets, in total there will be 1,720 tickets awarded with this prize in the extraordinary draw on December 22, 2021.

Tax withholding

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In 2021, the tax withholding tax of 20% of the part of each award that exceeds the exempt amount of 40,000 euros is maintained. In this case, the lucky holder of a tenth with the second prize will receive 108.000 euros, while 17,000 euros will go directly to the treasury.

If you want to check the numbers of the Christmas Lottery with which you play, you can do so in the EL PERIÓDICO prize search engine and follow the Extraordinary Christmas Prize Draw 2021 on this page.

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