The 5 favorite restaurants of chef Aurelio Morales

  • The chef at Cebo, with a Michelin star, in Madrid, and La Terraza del Claris, in Barcelona, ​​has a clear selection of essentials: they all have a great level

Aurelio Moraleschef at Cebo (Michelin star, where he has launched the Mexico menu) and La Terraza del Claris, is a chef who always seek excellence, both in your kitchen and that of your colleagues. And this second he demonstrates with this list in which he chooses his five favorite restaurants. all of one spectacular level. By the way, one of them is in New York and the other is in Tokyo.

1. Enjoy

“It maintains the essence of El Bulli. It is technique and magic in its purest form. I went with my wife; we were not celebrating anything special. We like to visit Barcelona and try restaurants. Also, Oriol Castro [uno de sus chefs] He was like my superhero since I was 17 and working in Miramar. Going to Enjoy makes me feel deeply nostalgic as many dishes remind me of El Bulli. My total admiration for the three cooks of Enjoy [además de Castro, Eduard Xatruch y Mateu Casañas]which maintain the essence of what it was”.

2. Miramar

“I started working there when I was 17 years old, Paco Pérez is a true culinary genius, it is in his blood. Miramar is a living legend of world gastronomy. I have been his chef, his head of creativity and his hand right. I remember mythical dishes such as salty cupcakes, espardenyes with pig’s feet… Together with Paco I grew up, learned and traveled the world gastronomically speaking”.

3. El Celler de Can Roca

“It’s the best restaurant (with all the letters) in the world. What else could I add… I’ve been with work ‘comrades’. The first time, when I worked in Miramar, it wasn’t officially the best in the world yet. what one finds is a global experience, as a restaurant for me it is the most complete. I highlight their humility among the three Roca brothers. They are incredible people. They transmit their aura in their cuisine and in the environment they propose”.

4. Per Se

“I don’t have enough adjectives to describe this temple of world gastronomy, and its chef, Thomas Keller. I went with Paco Pérez. It’s a very pleasant experience. In New York everything is magical and everything is amplified, mythologized, and being with Thomas Keller, one of the best chefs in the world, is a dream come true. I highlight the cauliflower dish with caviar. Humble and elevated at the same time. Brilliant. Plus, its location is magical.”

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“Narisawa is the best restaurant in Japan. Its proposal is indescribable, combining French and avant-garde technique with the most traditional Japanese cuisine. I went with a co-worker chef. It is a temple of Japanese cuisine, but when you are there you clearly see the influence of the French in the technique, the recipe book and the flavors, how it is based on all this to further enhance the Japanese dishes. For me it is mandatory. The handling of the tuna is brutal. It is undeniable that in Japan you are on another planet, in another culture, and this site is its greatest exponent”.

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