The 4 Best Food And Drink Apps For Toronto

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Living in a city like Toronto, we have access to some of the best food varieties in the country. You can take a trip around the world in just a few streets if you feel like it, with Asian, American, African, and European food options within walking distance of each other.

However, with so many choices, it can be hard to choose or see all your options in one place. There is an app for everything from street food to coffee to ordering in at home, but some specific to Toronto that you need to know.

We’ve compiled a list of 4 of the best food and drink apps for foodies in Toronto wanting to try something new.

#1 – Street Food Toronto

Walking from street-to-street looking for a food truck to your liking is a thing of the past with Street Food Toronto. This simple app uses a list to show you crowd-sourced street food vendors with details of location, food, and open times. 

Sort the list based on distance, popularity, or alphabetically. Once you’ve found a vendor you like, add them to your favourites list to find them easily again the next time you get a craving.

#2 – Quench

Quench is a free app from the Water Brothers (from TV) that uses a map to show users where the nearest refill point is for their water bottle. This an excellent app for environmentalists or those looking for an easy place to fill their water bottles! 

Water bottle owners in the Greater Toronto area can rate locations based on cleanliness and ease of access using a three-star rating system.

#3 – Ritual

Ritual is a Toronto-based app that searches nearby locations and enables you to preorder food ahead of time, saving you time and allowing you to skip the lines. You place your order, and the app keeps you updated on your food or drink preparation status, informing you when you can collect it.

Payment is completed using the in-app system, so you turn up, find the Ritual collection point, pick up your order, and leave! Get $10 each time you refer a friend; even better, there is a points system with incentives for free items and discounts.

#4 – SkipTheDishes

Similar to Ritual, SkipTheDishes allows you to order food and drink through the app with a handy tracker for your order progress. Where it differs is, SkipTheDishes is a delivery app, meaning you can order to your home rather than collect the food. 

Based out of Winnepeg, the company used to be JustEat (and still is in Europe!) but changed its name a few years ago. 

SkipTheDishes is an absolute must-have for anyone based in Toronto. Convenient when you don’t feel like cooking, you can literally “Skip The Dishes.”

Many more apps are useful for residents of the 6ix, but these four are the absolute necessities for us. Have you got a food or drink-related app idea? Speak to a Toronto app development company to make your app a reality.

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