Carmela García-Moreno was a UCD deputy for Madrid on 23-F. His seat was at the top, just below the TVE booth. Therefore, note thatwhen we threw ourselves on the ground, the rubble hit us on the head. “He was right next to Óscar Alzaga and Luis Apostua, and he had arrived just in time for Congress after a meal of several deputies with the famous film director, Luis García Berlanga. “When we said goodbye, he began to joke and told us why we were going to Congress, that we should go with him to a filming he was doing with Rafael Azcona.” García-Moreno had not yet voted when Tejero entered the Hemicycle. of the identity of the lieutenant colonel by Apostua, a journalist as well as a deputy, who recognized him as one of those involved in Operation Galaxia, another of the coup plotters of the time dismantled by the Security Forces.

He remembers that night as “terrifying” when the coup plotters began to pile up and pierce chairs to burn them if the light failed. “There I was really scared” he says. And he thought coldly, when the coup plotters took President Suárez and the party leaders out of the Hemicycle, “that they were going to kill Suárez, Carrillo and Felipe at least.” He also had two conversations that have remained with him, one due to the extreme optimism of his interlocutor and the other due to extreme pessimism. The first of Ignacio Campuñas, former minister and deputy of the UCD, who told her: “Can you imagine, Carmela, what La Castellana will be full of people asking for our freedom.” The second, in the totally opposite direction, from the Minister of Justice, Francisco Fernández Ordoñez, who told him: “Carmela, from here to the Bernabéu, but not to your house.” The use of the National Stadium of Chile eight years ago, during the Augusto Pinochet coup, as a concentration camp, was in everyone’s memory.

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Hours later, at the Hotel Palace, after having left the Congress with the rest of the parliamentarians, he had a conversation with a general of the Civil Guard (García-Moreno was on the Culture and Youth committee and had had a relationship with several generals for the signing of an agreement) that made him reconsider the tense and historic hours that he had lived. “I asked him what had happened, and he told me:` That Tejero has gone crazy, he has taken the gun from Armada ‘I thought I was fainting “, he relates still with emotion in his body, and concludes:” I believe, from the bottom of my heart, that Tejero’s blow saved us from something much bigger. “

From that time he recalls a “macho environment” in which, he remembers, “how we deputies were dressed” was talked about by some parliamentary chroniclers, whose name he prefers to forget. Nothing to do with the current situation: “Women have made a very important qualitative and quantitative leap, there is a glass ceiling but less and less. There are stupid ministers, like stupid ministers.”

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