Thank you, no reduction in taxes and duties

Life is expensive, but the Quebec economy is running at full speed. Full employment, GDP growth at 6.3%…

Who could have predicted, when this pandemic started, that the Quebec economy would do so well? This is reflected in the Girard budget. We rejoice in this good news.

It’s a prudent budget that allows us to look to the future with some peace of mind, despite the Ukraine, the current inflation and the risk of recession.

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Thank you, no reduction in taxes and duties

The prudence of Minister Girard, who avoids tax cuts, tariffs or taxes, is therefore appropriate. Of course we would all like more money in our pockets, but who says drop, says drop in state revenues, cuts, even austerity.

Finally, exit the obsession with tax cuts and a balanced budget at all costs that led to devastating liberal austerity… We thank the CAQ for not having acquiesced to the Conservative siren song.

This budget allocates 6.3% increase in health and 5.4% in education. Let’s remember the state of the CHSLDs, the waiting lists for surgery or for a family doctor, the 60% of schools considered to be in poor condition, the dropout…

What politician can tell us without laughing that we should reduce taxes or taxes rather than investing in health and education? Those who say otherwise are showing crass populism.

Unfortunately for the opposition and fortunately for Quebeckers, it remains a balanced budget.

A few disappointments

  • The decrease in the subsidy for electric vehicles is incomprehensible; this sends a very bad signal when we must put an end to our dependence on oil.
  • “Montréal”, the metropolis not mentioned in the speech.
  • Crumbs for social housing and nothing for access to property.
  • No new projects in public transport, shy in the environment.
  • Too little for home care.
  • It remains symbolic, but the financing of three foundations: René Lévesque, Jacques Parizeau and Brian Mulroney. A little leg to the PQ and Conservatives?

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