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The group of Democratic legislators from Texas who settled in Washington DC to avoid participating in the session called to generate changes in the voting rights of the entity, will remain in the US capital and do not plan to return.

However, The Washington Post reported that they will hold a virtual conference to fight the legislation.

The source quoted Dolores Huerta, a civil rights activist, who will be in charge of kicking off the conference: “By continuing to agitate, Texas Democrats will serve as an important test of the power of others seeking to protest legislation in states like Michigan and Georgia “, entities where they are also seeking to pass bills related to restricting votes.

From Texas, Governor Greg Abbott assured that, if Republican legislators approve it, they could have his colleagues arrested.


Three Texas House Democrats who fled to Washington last week to prevent voting restrictions from being passed in their state tested positive for the coronavirus, according to a statement from the Texas House of Representatives Democratic Caucus.

On Friday night, a caucus member tested positive for the virus that causes covid-19 and immediately informed the rest of the caucus; members and staff then ran rapid tests, all of which came back negative, according to the statement.

“The caucus also consulted current CDC guidance, which says that fully vaccinated individuals who had been exposed to someone who tested positive do not need to take additional precautions unless they show symptoms,” the caucus stated, suggesting that the first member to test positive may not have been symptomatic.

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On Saturday morning, two additional members tested positive for rapid tests, caucus leaders said.

All three members were fully vaccinated, they added. The caucus leaders did not identify any of the members.

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