Tesla begins full autonomous driving beta test in Canada

Tesla has released beta 10 of its full standalone software ahead of a possible broader rollout in the US, and it appears more Canadians are included in this release.

To be clear, this is not a complete autonomous driving software as drivers still need to pay attention to the road and keep their hands on the wheel while it is activated. Still, you can drive your car on normal city streets and obey traffic laws.

At the moment, only Tesla early access drivers can access this feature, but by watching some YouTube videos posted by Joshua C, you can see the car go around corners and can stop and turn around a car parked in the right lane as well. Another cool thing to note is that you can see the estimated route of the car by changing on the car screen.

You can also watch another video where the driver takes a few left turns, and at a busy intersection, you can even watch the car move forward and reclaim the lane like a frustrated human would. In general, both clips are quite interesting.

American drivers have been able to access the full autonomous driving beta for the last year or more, but it’s good to see that Tesla has expanded it to Canada.

Source: Joshua C Via: Electrek

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