Terror de envejecer, by Desirée de Fez

It looks like something that hurts. Este viernes se estrena ‘La abuela’, by Paco Plaza, a horror film in which a young woman has had to carry her cargo, unable to overcome a cerebral palsy. The Plaza’s movie is summed up in various prophecies of recent terrorist attacks protagonists or secondary relevant sonianos. The presence of advanced eda characters in genealogy proposals is not new. Writes to access various nature stories, their characters crucify the history of terrorism. Its clear examples are the verses of ‘¿Qué fue de Baby Jane?’ (1962), the matriarchy Castevet in ‘La semilla del diablo’ (1968), the woman in the banner of ‘El resplandor’ (1980), the former ‘Arrástrame al infierno’ (2009), the protagonist of ‘The Taking of Deborah Logan ‘(2014) o los abuelos de’ La visita ‘(2015).

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Without embarrassment, do not have to be curious that coincide in time various horror movies not only with advanced edad characters, sino in the que the terror that has to do with the senate. In a short time, he saw the light ‘La abuela’, with the first floor plans; ‘Relic’, in which Natalie Erika James addresses senile dementia; ‘La mansión’, donde Axelle Carolyn reflects on the obsession with youth, more obscure, ‘The Darked and the Wicked’, in that decrepitude, dependence and dementia are the channels through which the horror is filtered. All are from 2020 to 2021, as ‘Old,’ by Mr. Night Shyamalan. I observe this coincidence, y de las posibles razones me quedo con tres. One, the need of the city of start being obsessed with youth and beauty. Otra, lthe consciences that we are now of the passage of time: we will announce the arrival of our life in the mobile, have applications and services that pack our best moments and us the rules for Navidad, and our reflection (each of which has been considered) all the time in a sled. Y, quizá la que más me convence, el hecho de que in epochs of incoherence afloran the great miedos: a la soledad, a no reconocer el exterior, a la enfermedad oa la muerte. And these are the girls who arrested the provocateur in his entourage the old men of their movies.


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