TEPJF will define on Monday whether they will allow paper signatures to support the mandate revocation consultation

The Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Power (TEPJF) will define this Monday, November 1, if the National Electoral Institute (OTHER) will or will not accept paper support signatures across the country for the mandate revocation query.

It should be noted that, previously, the OTHER submitted to the Tribunal the proposal that it made Brunette so that the signatures are accepted on paper throughout Mexico and not only in 204 highly marginalized municipalities.

The guidelines for conducting the revocation inquiry, approved by the General Council of the INE on March 27, 2022, they contemplate that in most of the country the signatures are collected through a mobile application (App).

In this framework, the magistrates of the TEPJF will meet this Monday to analyze this matter, and define whether the OTHER should modify these guidelines to allow the use of paper for collect signatures from citizens throughout the country by the promoters of the consultation to revoke the presidential mandate.

The counselor of the OTHER, Ciro Murayama, has questioned the proposal of BrunetteIt considers that with the APP it is impossible to forge signatures.

“With the app, neither absent nor dead nor impersonated. In the signatures of the popular consultations on paper we have been given hundreds of thousands of forged signatures, and supplanting citizen support is as serious as altering a vote,” he said.

Signatures collection begins this Monday

In this framework, the OTHER reported that this Monday, November 1, the period for collecting citizen support signatures that are required to initiate a process of Revocation of Mandate due to loss of confidence in the President of the Republic. This first stage concludes on December 15.

The OTHER received 24,029 notices of intention from citizens, as well as from organizations seeking to become promoters of the revocation of mandate which, in the event of obtaining citizen support, will be held on March 27, 2022.

Of these, 22,419 (93.30%) met the requirements to be able to collect signatures and 1,603 (6.67%) did not comply with the required documentation, while only seven (0.03%) gave up.

Among the main reasons why some applications were rejected are: being members of political parties, federal or local governments, as well as Congress; Failure to demonstrate its legal constitution as a group; and request to be promoters in the “ratification of mandate” of the President of the Republic and not of a revocation.

So that the process of revocation of mandate the support of 3% of those registered in the Nominal List of Voters will be required; that is, 2 million 758,227 Mexican women and men from at least 17 entities.

From December 1 to 30, the verification of the signatures and the capture of the exception regime will be carried out in the 204 highly marginalized municipalities. Subsequently there will be a period of guarantee of hearing so that the petitioners can claim what is appropriate to their right from December 16 to 30.

If convened, the revocation of the mandate will take place on March 27, 2022, and will be appropriate with at least 40% participation of the citizens registered in the Nominal List of Electors.

No later than January 10, 2022, the Executive Directorate of the Federal Register of Voters will deliver the signature verification report, so that the General Council of the INE Evaluate and determine if compliance with the required percentage is appropriate and, where appropriate, issue the call no later than January 12, 2022.

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