Tepesians march to the White House and Congress this Monday

PROTEST. Tepesianos came to DC from New York, California, Massachusetts and Nevada. | Photo: Carmen Rodríguez / El Tiempo Latino.

Hundreds of members of the National TPS Alliance march to the White House and Congress on Monday to urge the administration of President Joe Biden and congressmen to pass immigration reform with the aim of obtaining permanent residency.

The context: On Sunday, TPS beneficiaries received a setback from legislators who blocked the Democrats’ proposal to include in the Reconciliation Plan an option for this group, dreamers, agricultural and essential workers to be eligible for residency processes.

  • For Tepesianos the setback is one more reason to put pressure on the congressmen and the Biden administration, as this was one of the promises of the Democratic electoral campaign.
  • Hundreds of TPS recipients and their children came to Washington DC from New York, California, Massachusetts, Nevada, and cities near the DMV.

News in development. With information from Carmen Rodríguez.


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