Tension mounts towards unvaccinated people in Canada, poll shows

A new poll appears to show that tension is mounting in Canada towards people not vaccinated against COVID-19.

The survey, conducted by Léger on behalf of the Association for Canadian Studies, indicates that more than three in four respondents have a negative opinion of people who are not adequately vaccinated.

Association president Jack Jedwab also mentions that the relationship between vaccinated and unvaccinated Canadians is seen as being undermined by two in three respondents.

This online survey reached 1,549 Canadians between September 10 and 12. It is not possible to determine the margin of error since the online respondent samples are not considered to be probabilistic.

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From the results obtained, we observe that people who are vaccinated consider those who are not vaccinated as being irresponsible and selfish. Qualifiers rejected by unvaccinated people.

Some people opposed to vaccination have organized demonstrations in front of hospitals and schools in recent weeks, notably to denounce the implementation of the vaccination passport and other public health measures.

“There is a high level of antipathy or animosity, I would say, towards people who are not yet adequately vaccinated,” Jedwab said. What we see is a tension that settles in families, between friends or between work colleagues, wherever there are relations between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. “

He adds that the situation creates friction that persists.

Also between the unvaccinated

Also according to Jack Jedwab, the results of the survey suggest that the tensions related to vaccination reflect what we have already seen about other social, racial or cultural issues that divide the population.

Divisions also seem to exist among unvaccinated people, according to the data collected. About one in four people who have not received the COVID-19 vaccine would have a negative opinion of others in the same situation.

It seems that unvaccinated people justify their decision on personal grounds, but reject the decision of others who have made the same choice.

In a previous survey conducted by the association, it was indicated that unvaccinated Canadians fear the vaccine more than COVID-19. Other data indicated that a majority of Canadians would refuse to welcome an unvaccinated adult into their homes.

Jack Jedwab says he expects tension to continue to mount between Canadians with different immunization status as governments and employers continue to urge people to get immunized.

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