Tennis player Shuai Peng disappeared after accusing a former Chinese vice president of sexually harassing her

The Chinese tennis player Shuai Peng, former world No. 14 and 2014 Roland Garros doubles winner, has disappeared after a week ago accused former Deputy Prime Minister Gaoli Zhang of being forced to have sex three years ago. The complaint was made through the social network Weibo but, just 20 minutes later, the message was deleted and his social networks were censored.

The athlete would be unaccounted for shortly after making the complaint public and some international media, such as ‘Le Monde’, would point out that he could have been exiled to the United States.

Peng She accused the former communist leader of forcing her to have sex before making her his lover. The tennis player, 35 years old and currently 189 worldwide, explained that she had had forced sex with Zhang, 75, in the latter’s house three years ago, in the room of the former vice president of the ROC after a tennis match.

The wife knew

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“I was very scared. That afternoon, initially I refused. I couldn’t stop crying. I was very scared, confused and I gave in and we had sex,” says the tennis player who adds that the wife of the political leader knew it and “was on guard outside “.

Peng says that she later became Zhang’s lover, until an argument a few days ago.

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