Tenants receive more federal rental assistance to prevent evictions

Almost a month after the federal moratorium on evictions ended, the Treasury Department said Friday that states and cities distributed money for nearly 1.4 million payments in federal aid during August, an increase from the previous month. .

The context: Treasury officials acknowledged that they were not satisfied with the full cast. But they insisted that what has been distributed so far represented significant figures and that the money helps keep families in their homes.

  • Evictions have not increased in most communities, but millions of tenants who qualify for assistance can be evicted from their residences before the money arrives.

The data: The latest data from the department, which oversees the program, reveals that states and cities that were slow to implement their plans already send tens of millions of dollars to their citizens.

  • More than 16.5% of federal rental assistance funds reached renters last month, up from 11% in July.
  • Lawmakers approved spending $ 46.5 billion in rental assistance, but so far states and cities have allocated the first tranche of $ 25 billion, which must be spent by September 30, 2022.
  • The allocation of the second tranche, of $ 21 thousand 500 million, can reach until September 30, 2025.
  • The Census Bureau’s Household Pulse Survey revealed that nearly 3.3 million people said it was “very or quite likely” to be evicted in the next two months.

Main source of the news: AP


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