Telmex will offer internet and telephony services at AIFA during 2022

The Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA) assigned to Telephones of Mexico (Telmex) a contract for 742,400 pesos to offer telephone and internet services (together) during the remaining eight months of 2022, despite the fact that the company had suggested that they be contracted separately.

The chosen proposal was the one with the lowest economic amount of the three participating companies (the largest was made by Total Play Telecommunicationsso his offer was rejected, and the second highest was from Operbesalthough it was in the established range).

The maximum monthly amount you would agree to pay the AIFA for services, without VAT, was 151,899 pesos and Telmex offered to provide them for 80,000 pesos, without VAT.

Among the arguments for which the firm of Charles Slim they are: it does not exceed the price limit, it complies with the technical specifications and its commercial activity corresponds to the object of the tender.

Regarding the characteristics of the services, it is highlighted that, in the case of the Internet, the bandwidth required is so that it can be used by 6,000 users and 600 permanent workstations, commercial posts and operators. Currently AIFA users have access to an internet connection with a network of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE).

Regarding telephony, 120 unitary channels and 100 incoming direct numbers were requested for the different operational and passenger service areas (that can make and receive national, long-distance and cell phone calls).

They asked to separate services

The triumph of Telmex of last April 25 occurred despite the fact that during the clarification meeting stage they requested the AIFA, based on its extensive experience in the sector, “open the contracting of services (internet and telephony) separately with the aim of obtaining the best technical and economic conditions in the event that the offers of the providers demonstrate this”.

In response, the management of the new airport told them that the proposal was not appropriate, since the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) authorized the consolidated contracting through a framework contract.

Based on the requirements of the tender, Telmex is obliged to maintain absolute confidentiality during the term of the contract and after its termination, with respect to all the documentation and information inherent to the subject matter of this invitation, the personal data of public servants, of the facilities, activities or operations of the airport, as well as of the information that it receives, safeguards, registers or generates.


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