The Union of Telephone Workers of the Mexican Republic (STRM) reported that the company Telephones of Mexico (Telmex) has a shortage of 2,000 telephone workers, among other things, because an agreement has not been reached on the retirement plan and labor liabilities .

The general secretary of the STRM, Francisco Hernandez Juarezoffered a press conference to report on the longer negotiation process that the union has faced, since after three years no significant progress has been made on the issue of pensions and labor liabilities.

“The negotiation, the company’s proposal is for new hires, according to us right now the urgent thing is those 1,942 vacancies, we are in the idea that the size of the company should be established in a parameter of 30,000 workers, that is, they would another 2,000 and a bit of workers are missing, that would be the immediate universe; but, obviously, given the growth dynamics of Telmex and the pensions themselves, since this would be in the long term, but in that universe they are the ones who would be affected by not going to work,” said Hernández Juárez.

In this sense, he explained that during the last years, the workforce of active unionized workers has been reduced, which implies a great deterioration in the quality and promptness for the attention of the services, as well as loss of market share; the administration has preferred to carry out activities with personnel from affiliated companies and third parties (mainly from the group CARSO) in the outsourcing scheme, which makes the results precarious in the quality of service and working conditions.

Even when covered, there would still be a deficit of unionized personnel, which is why there must be a minimum necessary and sufficient workforce to attend to the activities and services that Telmex offers.

After informing that the new strike call is scheduled for July 21, the union leader stated that “we do not consider that the company wants to eliminate the company”, since they have already relaxed their position regarding the way of negotiating with the union, it was as well as the contractual review was signed, where a direct increase of 4.5 was granted to the salary and the percentage for retirees who will be given a differentiated salary was increased.

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