Televisa sales grow 9% in July-September 2021

Televisa, one of the largest media companies in Spanish-speaking countries, reported that its net sales increased 9.1%, to 26,127.9 million pesos, in the third quarter of 2021 compared to the 23,943 million pesos reported in the same last year’s period.

The increase in income was driven by the increase in the sale of content that registered a 13.4% increase, highlighting the advertising item with a growth of 15.8%, to 4,823.8 million pesos, the station indicated in its financial report for the third quarter of the year, sent to the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV).

“Third quarter advertising sales increased 15.8%, this represents a strong recovery for our private sector clients in most industries compared to the third quarter of 2020, driven by the economic recovery and the success of broadcast television for build and improve brand recognition and sell products and services in Mexico, ”the report reads.

Televisa highlighted a 5.8% growth in Cable revenues, with net additions of 52,000 Revenue Generating Units (RGUs), reaching 14.4 million.

Reported that the plan to move 2 million homes to Fiber Optic Direct to the Home (FTTH for its acronym in English) this year remains on time, with an advance of 65 percent. While its main broadcast television channel, Las Estrellas, obtained 2.7 times the average audience of its closest competitor.

The media company registered a net profit of 760.6 million pesos, which means a decrease of 77.3% in the comparison period. While operating cash flow decreased 5.79%, to 10,179 million pesos.

Brian Rodríguez, an analyst at Monex, said that the Televisa report was “neutral”, but highlighted that the significant growth in revenue due to the increase in RGU’s from both Cable and Sky, as well as in the content segment, which was the most affected during the pandemic.

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