Televisa closes 2021 as audience favorite

This week, data from the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT), the body in charge of regulating television and radio in our country, confirm Televisa as the preferred option for audiences in Mexico, as revealed by its National Content Consumption Survey Audiovisuals edition 2020-2021.

An extremely relevant fact is that although the consumption of content via the Internet has been the source that has grown the most, open television continues to be the one with the greatest reach and penetration in Mexico. The survey showed that 94% of households have at least one television at home and that 75% of people tend to consume content that is streamed at home for free.

Another fact that is really surprising is that more than 54% of Mexican households only consume the content that is transmitted on open television. That is, you do not see content that is transmitted through pay television systems or the Internet. It also highlights that two channels of said television station (Las Estrellas and “el Cinco”) occupy the first two places among the different television signals.

But not only that, in this 2021 Televisa celebrates the 70th birthday of its “star” channel, Las Estrellas. The IFT survey also shows that Las Estrellas is the main channel between both urban and rural areas. In addition, Cinco is the channel most watched by Mexican children.

According to data from the study, channel 2 has obtained up to 10 million viewers in its “prime” schedule during 2021. Additionally, the IFT results place Televisa also as a favorite of the contents transmitted by the different pay television systems .

Even given the great offer of national and international channels offered in various pay television packages, present in 46% of Mexican homes, the two most watched channels in these systems are Las Estrellas and El Cinco, above Discovery Channel, Star Channel and, of course, those of TV Azteca.

Likewise, among the girls and boys in our country who have the possibility of accessing pay TV signals, Cinco continues to be the most accepted. IFT’s own data shows that this channel outperforms others such as Discovery Kids and Cartoon Network.

All of this should be a source of great pride for Televisa, not only because of the source of said study, but also because of the long history of this leadership in content in Spanish.


Antonio Aja

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