Telepizza culminates the renewal of the executive leadership with the last departure of the Pablo Juantegui era

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Telepizza It closes a stage in its history with the departure of the last manager of the team that was once led by Pablo Juantegui. Is about Javier Gaspar, who served as secretary of the board and director of the legal department of the group for more than 22 years, as EL ESPAÑOL-Invertia has learned.

This last movement responds to a plan for the renewal of the executive leadership that implied the departure of the CEO, Pablo Juantegui, in September. “When the whole team changed and Pablo left, the director of the legal area was also in the pack,” say sources close to the company.

For months these exits have been happening in a “forced” way, as confirmed by sources close to the company. These include Manuel Loring, CEO of the company in the EMEA region; Fernando Frauca, CEO for Latin America and Ignacio Barrajón, Director of Operations, who joins as new CEO of Papa John’s.

At the same time that there have been exits, new additions have also arrived. In March, Jacobo Caller took over the management of parent Food Delivery Brands. This redesigned its management team with the incorporation of new executives at the head of the Human Resources, Marketing, Communication and Corporate Social Responsibility department, among other signings.

Likewise, Víctor Culebras and Cabriele Questa were appointed directors of the group’s largest shareholder, KKR, (which owns 84.3% through Tasty Bidco) at one of the last meetings.

The Covid

Behind all this, there is the situation of the company, which had notably worsened due to Covid. It recorded losses of 161.5 million euros due to the impact of the pandemic in 2020. However, it closed with an adjusted ebitda of 30 million euros and a growth of 14% in home sales.

Telepizza starts its brand transformation strategy with a self-critical campaign

Telepizza starts its brand transformation strategy with a self-critical campaign

Also, the alliance with Yum! (Pizza Hut owner) has not turned out as expected. Already in 2020, Telepizza warned that everyone the objectives outlined in your alliance will need to be reviewed as a consequence of the impact of the coronavirus and the macroeconomic environment created around the world.

In December 2020, he received an oxygen balloon. The restaurant company obtained a loan of 82 million euros granted by Santander and which has the endorsement of the ICO for a term of five years and an annual interest of 3.75%.

And in the first half of the year it seems that things improved. The pizza chain recorded losses of 20.3 million euros, which means cutting by 47% the red numbers of 38.5 million euros in the same period last year.


Hence talk of “new times” with the departure of the previous dome and the arrival of new managers. In these new times, the company has gradually tweaked its strategy.

First, it announced its name change in summer 2020 to Food Delivery Brands. The objective was to undertake a change of image that will allow it to boost its positioning and recognition at an international level as a multi-brand group.

Right now they are working on a new positioning and preparing a branding change for this fall. They will also launch a new website and app by the end of the year.

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