Tel Aviv | The Quebec office is “in no way” a position, defends Minister Biron

(Montreal) The opening of a Quebec office in Tel Aviv is “in no way” a position taken by the government in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, defended the Minister of International Relations and La Francophonie, Martine Biron .

“In no way can the opening of the Quebec office in Tel Aviv, the announcement of which was made well before the start of hostilities, be interpreted as a position taken by Quebec,” declared the minister during a speech on Friday before the Council on International Relations of Montreal (CORIM).

The opening of this diplomatic representation sparked lively debates in the National Assembly. In February, Québec solidaire (QS) filed two petitions totaling nearly 12,000 signatures against the opening of the office.

MP Haroun Bouazzi accused the Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ) of being “complicit” in “crimes against humanity” and “ethnic cleansing”. The solidarity remarks were, however, criticized by the Advisory Center for Jewish and Israeli Relations (CIJA).

The conflict has a strong emotional charge in Quebec, which is home to large Jewish and Palestinian communities. Members of the Jewish community have observed a surge in anti-Semitism while critics of Israel say its military intervention violates international law and accuse Canada of turning a blind eye to the suffering of the Palestinians.

On Saturday, nearly 200 civil society organizations will hold a demonstration in Montreal to denounce the Israeli intervention.

In this conflict, Mme Biron judges that Quebec’s position is “balanced”. “I think we are all horrified by what is happening, but we are also horrified to know that hostages are still being held by Hamas,” the minister commented in a press scrum after her presentation.

She points out that the decision to open an office in Tel Aviv was taken before the bloody Hamas attack on October 7, which led to a military response from Israel.

Mme Biron emphasizes that the office is not only for relations with Israel, but with the entire Middle East. “It really is the gateway to the Middle East. Then, there are businesses being done in Turkey, Lebanon, the Arab Emirates. It’s not just Israel. »

The office plays a primarily economic rather than diplomatic role, she said. “In fact, Quebec supports companies that want to do business abroad. It is certain that we have political contacts, but in this case, what we want is to increase economic exchanges. »

In this regard, the Israeli economy has assets that work in its favor, according to her. “Israel has a lot to offer, particularly in cybersecurity and technology. »

In fact, the Tel Aviv office is operated from Montreal for security reasons, said Biron. “In fact, when we are able to go there, the office will be in the Canadian embassy, ​​but currently we work from Montreal. »


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