Technology and logistics will lead new staff hires in 2022

The digital transformation inside companies and changes in consumption habits will be the guidelines of the new hires by 2022, mainly in the technology and logistics industries.

The economic restrictions and the fear of contagion were largely the promoters of electronic commerce, which has had exponential growth in the last two years, this brought a greater demand for Job positions in the logistics field, says Sergio Porragas, Director of Operations at OCC Mundial.

“Systems and technology they had a boom very big last year and will continue to have it. In those companies that did not have highly developed systems, the pandemic led them to speed up their processes and create jobs that they did not have in their companies, many began to create their e-commerce and now comes the whole theme of cyber security which is so important in our country”, explains the executive.

In addition to the industry technology and of Logisticscustomer service and financial services are other fields that are showing increased demand for talent that is expected to continue in 2022.

According to the list of Booming Jobs 2022 of LinkedIn, the 15 jobs with the highest growth in the last five years in our country have a link with the development of technology, marketing, customer service and clinical research, to a large extent this last line is due to the pandemic. The Information Technology, logistics, financial services, supply chain and health industries are concentrating the new job opportunities.

“It is a consolidation of a trend that had been observed. The demand is addressed to everything that is by definition digital and what is around what comes with the digital transformation. Perhaps the changes that are taking place are going to last, they are profound changes and companies continue to adapt, which is why companies are observed looking for professionals for technical IT jobs and also for business development and customer experience”, says Ramiro Luz , Director of Talent Solutions for LinkedIn Mexico and Latin America.

The pandemic deepened the changes in the way we buy. “The labor demand it is a consequence of changing habits and needs. If we clearly had changes in the way we buy products and services, and there is the perception that this will remain after the pandemic, all of this is moving a huge chain of products and services to seek an agile, easy and reliable customer experience. safe,” he stresses.

For Jorge Guerrero, director of Michael Page, the sectors with the most movement in hiring are Information Technology, digital transformation, logistics and financial services.

“Today the consumer no longer goes to the point of sale, our purchases go to the house. There is a much more global market, medical needs and everything is transported through logistics. The digital areas and the logistics industry they are the ones with the highest growth in Mexico”, he explains.

In addition to this, Marcos Laveda, CEO of Robert Walters for Ibero-America, considers that the economic reactivation and medical progress help to have a positive perspective on the level of hiring in 2022 and a better dynamic is expected from the sectors hardest hit by the pandemic.

“The sectors most affected by mobility restrictions and capacity such as hotels, transport, restaurants, business trips are experiencing a second honeymoon,” says the executive.

The big challenges for recruiters

In the field of talent recruitment2022 will be a year with more challenges for the attraction of human capital due to market trends and a change in the expectations of workers regarding employment, especially in the new generations.

“One of the challenges is the ability to manage changes. We can see in many companies the recruitment plans changing dynamically due to the waves of pandemic and economic challenges. This demands in recruitment the ability to adapt quickly and that recruiters can be mapping the market”, says Ramiro Luz.

In addition to this, the LinkedIn executive considers that part of the challenges that these professionals will face is the transition to a recruitment based on skills and not on academic degrees, the diversification of their search for talent and the strengthening of internal mobility.

Sergio Porragas agrees with this perspective. “Employers are going to analyze what is best for them, if train internally to its employees and to be able to make movements within the company or go out to the market to look for it”.

However, the talent attraction it will be increasingly complex due to the expectations of the candidates. In this vein, states the director of OCC Mundial, recruiters will have to offer career plans, training programs, more transparent communication, the well-being that companies can offer and flexibility in the position.

For his part, Jorge Guerrero believes that the three most important challenges for recruiters in 2022 will be the offer of Labor conditions attractive, a good organizational culture and internal development.

“All this is related to the person’s experience. Before our parents were looking for a job to support the family and the purpose was to bring money home, today the purpose is to change, evolve, develop; have a job, but also have time for yourself, balance of life”, says the executive of Michael Page.

In this sense, Marco Laveda affirms that the pandemic has changed the talent attraction and this implies a transformation of the way in which it is recruited.

“Now we have to show how the company has adapted to the new circumstances in terms of hours, presence in the office or training. We have to demonstrate in that first interview that we have a mindset at the level of human Resources current”, emphasizes the director of Robert Walters.

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