• The titles of non-university teachers will be homologated throughout Spain, according to the agreement reached between Education and the autonomies

The accreditation of digital competence of non-university teachers will be homologous and valid throughout Spain, as agreed today by the education sector conferencewhere the Minister Pilar Alegría has met with the regional councilors.

The communities have one year to prepare the new normative through which these competencies will be accredited. Between now and 2024, Spain must certify, at a minimum, 80% of the 700,000 non-university professors. The digital skills will have different categories, similar to those used for the evaluation of languages: A1 and A2 for the initial level; B1 and B2, the intermediate; and C1 and C2 for the advanced.

The ministry headed by Alegría will distribute this year to the communities €284.7 million from the recovery plan to certify the digital skills of teachers. These funds will also serve to promote the digital plans of educational centers, many of which have serious deficiencies, as has been verified in the two years of the coronavirus pandemic.

learning difficulties

Together with this item, the distribution of €118.2 million to develop the so-called Proa plan, a program aimed at public schools and institutes with the highest percentage of students with educational difficulties. To support these students, Education is financially supporting the creation of support and guidance units, which will carry out individualized follow-up.

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At the sectoral conference, what was already approved this week in the Council of Ministers was also agreed upon: 58.5 million euros for finance textbooks -which will change to adapt to the new education law- and teaching materials.

At the meeting, Minister Alegría thanked the communities for their involvement in the reception and schooling of nearly 22,000 Ukrainian minors. Despite the fact that it is not yet known how many of these boys and girls will return to their country (invaded by Putin), the Minister of Education has asked the autonomies to intensify recreational and educational children’s activities this summer with the aim of integration, including classes for learn Spanish and the official languages.

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